Eyrarbakki is a village in South Iceland.


The old fishing village Eyrarbakki is one of Iceland's well kept secrets. It is a place where nature in all its manifold manifestations is always awake, always creating, always magnificent.

Eyrarbakki is situated on the south coast of Iceland, only a 40 min. drive from Reykjavík. It is remote and yet easy to get to. Quite a few poets, novelists, painters and other artists, have chosen to stay for longer or shorter periods in Eyrarbakki, for the inspirational quality they have found here.

The mysterious light, the energy from the Atlantic Ocean, the majestic mountains that set the backdrop and the stillness that envelopes it all, is absolutely unique and conducent to any kind of creativity.



Vesturbúð is the only store in Eyrarbakki. It has a standard selection of groceries but it is not a complete grocery store. The store is a part of a gas station.



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