Exclusion zone

A zone established by a sanctioning body to prohibit specific activities in a specific geographic area for control of populations for safety, crowd control, or military purposes; these differ from other next-to-impossible destinations in that a government is explicitly prohibiting visitors instead of simply providing no infrastructure.

Environmental disasters

In Japan

In Montserrat

In Ukraine


War zones tend to be dangerous or impassible for travel; there are also exclusion zones around a few key or remote military bases.

Military bases

In the United States of America

Demilitarised zones

Various demilitarised zones have been established as areas of reduced military presence on the border between two states in the aftermath of armed conflict.

Entire ghost towns have been created by military conflict; in rare cases these are abandoned as military exclusion zones:

Closed cities

During the Soviet Union tens of cities were designated as "closed cities", which in practice meant that you would need an authorization to enter them and they weren't marked on any non-classified maps. These cities were sites of sensitive industry and research and they were often quite large (hundreds of thousands of inhabitants). Some of those cities, like Norilsk, are still closed.

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