Alabaster coast, Étretat

Etretat is a small coastal village in Seine-Maritime, Upper Normandy, France.


It is on the Alabaster Coast in Normandy. The city is nestled between the famous towering cliffs. The beach is composed of stones that have been smoothed by the waves of the English Channel and the town is set just beyond the beach.

English is not common here, as it is a smaller village, but basic French or a book of phrases will get you by. The tourist information centre, next to the bus stop, has a lot of information about the history of the town and can direct you to the beach, a few blocks from the bus stop. Once at the beach, there are trails to hike up to either cliff. There are two large arch formations on the southwest side of the beach is one large arch on the northeast side of the beach, both are spectacular.

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The town is somewhat difficult to reach because there is no train that goes to town, but there are main lines that go to Le Havre and Fecamp, both of which have busses that run a few times daily to Etretat The bus ride is 2 euros per person per way, and the trip takes about 45 min through the countryside. The town itself is quaint and picturesque.

The tourist office is at Place Maurice Guillard, B. P. 3, 76790 ETRETAT, France, tel. +33(0)2 35 27 05 21, fax +33(0)2 35 28 87 20.

Through the friendly tourist office, you can obtain information about the bus routes, places to stay and general information about the town. They want to help make you experience the best possible.


You can walk or hike from the town to the tops of the cliffs and get a commanding view of the channel, the beach and the opposite cliffs.



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