Colonia Carlos Pellegrini

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is the biggest village in the Esteros del Ibera in Corrientes with about 500 permanent inhabitants. There are some hotels, hostels, restaurants and other basic tourist infrastructure. Apart from that it is very rural.

Get in

There´s a bus Monday to Saturday from Mercedes, 25 pesos, 3 hours on a dirt road. There might also be occasionally a transport option from Posadas.


Wildlife at its purest; such as marsh deer, caimans, capybaras, giant otters, anacondas, howler monkeys, armadillos, .... and of course the most important of all: 350 species of birds, many of them endemic or in danger of extinction.

Ibera Wetlands is a nature reserve 1000 km north of Buenos Aires. Swamp area of 13'000 square kilometres. With the richest fauna of all the country: Caimans, capybaras, swamp deer, howler monkeys, anacondas, manded wolves, armadillos, greater rhea, etc. etc. All of them at sight for the visitors when doing excursions by boat on foot/horse back. A true paradise for nature lovers, birders, eco tourists and travellers looking for relax or the ultimate gaucho experience.


There 2 places to go: Aº Corriente (SWest) and Aº Miriñay (SEast), both very interesting. It is better starting early in the morning, or in the evening; when animals are more active. U$S 40.

Remember that at 7 pm the park closes, so you have to have returned 10 minutes before


There are a few restaurants


There are different options for sleeping starting at about 25 Pesos for a bed in a dorm to a couple of hundred dollars in one of the luxury resorts. Tell the bus driver where you are going to stay and he will drop you off there. Most accommodation places offer (the same) tours.

Go next

There's a connection to Mercedes by bus Monday to Thursday at 5 AM. Friday at 5 PM. It goes to Pellegrini at 12,30 PM (Mond to Friday). Saturday at 9,30 AM.

No bus service to Posadas. Only way is taking a private 4x4 transfer at Pellegrini.

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