Essex County (Ontario)

Essex County, Ontario is the southernmost region of Canada with one of the longest growing seasons in the nation, unique outdoor activities and fascinating historic sites. The Lake Erie Shore and Pelee Island viticulture areas offer 13 wineries and the Canadian Club Distillary.


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Essex County has a history of conservative Mennonites residing here since 1786. They emigrated to Ontario (then known as Upper Canada) from the United States after the American Revolution in 1776. They came from Pennsylvania, home to Mennonite immigrants since 1683, and prospered here since.

Essex, along with much of Ontario's Niagara Peninsula, served as a terminus for a vast Underground Railroad which led fugitive slaves north across abolitionist states to Canada. Ohio in particular bordered both slavery in Kentucky and freedom across Lake Erie in Upper Canada, placing its routes among the shortest and most popular paths to freedom.

Today, major industries range from agriculture (a former Heinz factory cans tomato juice in Leamington) to auto manufacturing (Chrysler operates both in Windsor and across the river in suburban Detroit). The region is one endpoint for the Windsor-Quebec corridor, one of the most populous regions in the nation.

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The Pelee Islander, tel: +1-800-661-2220. Daily trips to Sandusky and mainland Ontario, Canada. Service to Sandusky is limited to once daily during the summer months, and is further restricted during the spring and fall. Advance vehicle reservations.

The MV Jiimaan, . The largest passenger ferry along the Lake Erie route to Pelee Island, to the foot of Jackson St., Sandusky, Ohio. From Leamington, Canada, Kingsville Govt. Dock, Ontario, Canada and Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada.

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