Esmeraldas is a coastal city in Ecuador, It has one of the most popular beaches in Ecuador. Thousands of tourists come to Esmeraldas to enjoy the beautiful warm tropical weather, not cold at all and not too hot. You can swim in the ocean and enjoy big waves, The beaches are not as fancy as those in Hawaii or Miami, but that is what makes the Esmeraldas beaches more cozy.


Esmeraldas is the wettest coastal province and summer is simply less rainy than the rest of the year. Most days in Esmeraldas is bright sun, with a tropical shower in the afternoon and at night. January-February are the best months to visit Esmeraldas, as they receive the most sun. They are also the hottest months. The northern coast and tropical forests of Esmeraldas receive more rain than the southern beaches and savannah.

Get in

Is very easy to go to Esmeraldas. You can go to a bus station and take the Esmeraldas bus. It will take you on a route called the "sun road". You will have the opportunity to see beaches like Salinas, Ballenita, Ayangue, Montañita, and Olon on the way to Esmeraldas.

By plane

TAME.- Daily flights except Saturdays to Quito (USD53 one-way).

By bus

Trans Esmeraldas station is by the main park.


Go to Súa. It is an important fishing village with several species of seabirds. There are also basic whale watching tours offered from June-September.



On the coast of Ecuador, you can get seafood at good prices. For USD6 you can get a nice dish of delicious spiced rice with shrimp and fried green plantain or you can get a ceviche for USD4. You can get a nice fry fish with beans and rice or a hot seafood soup. If you have not eaten lobster for a long time, here is your chance, as you can get a delicious spiced lobster for USD12-15.



Enjoy party nights in Atacames, a city 20 min away from Esmeraldas. In Atacames you can find different kiosks with very loud music making natural juices, margaritas, piñas coladas and more. There many clubs there to go out dancing. Salsa, merengue, reggeaton, etc., just for USD2.


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