Eraclea is a town in the province of Venice, Veneto, Italy. SP42 goes through it.

It is located on the Adriatic Sea near the coast between the rivers Piave and Livenza and between two famous touristic towns: Caorle and Jesolo.

In 7 May 2009 Eraclea Mare has gained the "3 SAILS" from Legambiente. The city has been awarded the "Blue Flag" from Foundation for Environmental Education every year from 2007-2009 for the cleanliness of its beaches and seawater.

EracleaMare is the best place for a family holiday, where everyone can be cuddled by the soft sound of the sea waves and play with the kids on a not crowded beach.

Get in

By plane

Eraclea is served by the Venice Marco Polo International Airport, or Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo. Buses run the 25 km from the airport to the station in via Dancalia.

Some discount airlines go to Treviso, Treviso Airport, which is around 55 km from Eraclea Mare.

By train

There is a train line that runs up and down the coast from Venice to Trieste in the east, via any number of smaller resort towns.

By car

From Venice: Take the A4 / E55 east from Venezia to Noventa di Piave for approximately 35km. Take the SP 54 near San Donà di Piave and follow the signs to Eraclea for another 20km or so. Local roads are relatively well maintained and signposted.

From Trieste: Take the A4 / E70 west from Trieste to Cessalto for approximately 120 km. Take the SP Ceggia - Torre di Mosto Eraclea near Cessalto and follow the signs to Eraclea for another 18 km or so.

Get around

Hotels are within walking distance of the beach and the centre.


Remember visit a fantastic lagoon very near Eracleamare and called: Laguna del Mort.


Being a beachside little town, Eraclea mare's main attraction is its beach and its pinewwod.

Along the main street in town (Via Dancalia) you will find several restaurants, bars, shops. Via Dancalia really comes to life in summer evenings, and is packed with Italians on their holidays and smaller numbers of foreign tourists.

Remember visit a fantastic lagoon very near Eracleamare and called: Laguna del Mort.

In order:


Eraclea has some very good restaurants, featuring the cuisine of the Veneto. Specialties include Spaghetti allo scoglio; polenta, made of corn meal; risotto with cuttlefish ink sauce.


The lido of Eraclea is geared towards tourists, so there are bars and pubs everywhere. Once the sun goes down, the streets of Eracleamare come alive with lights, colour and noise as the sunbathers of the day become the revellers of the evening.

The best pub in town is Barlume in front of the sea (via Marinella 1). Try a Spritz (with either Campari, Select or Aperol), a typical drink loved by all Venetians that's usually drunk while eating cicheti. You can find it in almost every bar in the city. Price is about €2, more in a touristy place.

If you try the famous Veneto Grappa be careful--it's almost pure alcohol.

Beer in a small pub is about €5 for a pint (birra media). Espresso, the real Italian, is about €1 at the bar, €2 at a table.




The area code is 0421. As anywhere in Italy, it is compulsory to dial the area code and the number also if you call from the city itself. If you call from abroad, dial +390421 before the number. If you call abroad from Venice, dial 00 first.

Stay safe

Eraclea Mare is considered a very safe city. Everybody can walk down the darkest alley in the middle of the night and feel completely safe. In case of need, you can dial free of charge on any phone 112 (no area code needed) to contact Carabinieri or 113 (no area code needed) to contact the Police.

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Venice, just a half an hour away from Eraclea.

Around the Venetian lagoon are other smaller islands, which have since been deserted but are worth a visit. There is also the Lido, which is a long narrow island with more modern buildings, hosting a youth hostel and a hotel.

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