Epi Island

Epi Island is an island in Vanuatu.


There is a friendly dugong (sea cow) who is known to frequent the beaches around Epi, especially at Lamen Bay. As this is a wild animal his presence is NOT guaranteed, but when he is around he seems to enjoying seeking out snorklers to swim and play with, giving people lucky enough to be out in the water at the right time the once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with one of these majestic endangered animals in the wild.


Run by fun-loving Alix and Rob Crapper, the Epi Island Guest House is the Crown Jewel in the treasure chest that is Epi Island. A completely self-sustained eco-friendly Guesthouse hand built by Rob himself. There are 6–7 rooms available, three of which have their own private bathroom/shower (also built by Rob Crapper - who ironically is a plumber by trade.) Each room is comfortable and has its own distinct personality.

Alix prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner from their organic garden, complemented with meat and eggs from their own chickens, ducks, and cows. All meals and included in the price.

Nestled on a secluded cove, the Guest House is on a hibiscus-laden lawn which is steps to their own private beach. Rob has built huts directly on the beach as well, in case the need for a beach bbq arises or guests want to sleep on the beach but not on the sand. Satellite internet and all meals included. Booze is extra but available, and you can bring your own.

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