Enugu is the capital of Enugu State in Southeast Nigeria.


The name Enugu is derived from the Igbo words "Hill top". It is nicknamed Coal City.

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The main airport in the state is the Akanu Ibiam International Airport which can be accessed by buses and taxis. Renovations began in 2009 to upgrade it to accommodate wide-bodied aircraft. The construction works is still ongoing and the airport is being prepared for its new status as international airport.

Get around

The main forms of transportation in the city are taxi cabs and buses. Okada (motorcycles), once served as public transportation in the city until the state government banned them from this use in April 2009 Most transport enters and leaves the city through Enugu's Ogbete Motor Park, Garki Motor Park serves as a transport pick-up point as well. Unregistered taxis are known as Kabu Kabu and are differentiated with registered ones through the lack of yellow paint on the unregistered vehicles.

In 2009, Enugu introduced a taxi job scheme under 'Coal City Cabs' to help in the eradication of poverty in the city. 400 registered Nissan Sunny and Suzuki taxis were given out on loan to unemployed citizens in the city who will operate as taxi drivers and will own the vehicles after payments are completed. 20 buses were introduced as Coal City Shuttle buses in 2009 to run as public transport for Enugu urban.




There are three main urban markets in Enugu: Ogbete Market, Awkunanaw Market and New Market.

Stay safe

Enugu State is the crime capital of Nigeria - a whopping 70 per cent of respondents in a 2013 survey said they had been victims of crime in the last year. This is not a place to be careless.

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