Enschede is a city in the Netherlands. It is the largest city of the Twente region (a former center of textile industry), and also of the Overijssel province. Enschede was designated the greenest town in the Netherlands in 2003.


Oude Markt, Enschede

On May 13, 2000, a fireworks storage in Enschede exploded, destroying an entire neighborhood and killing 23 people, including 4 firemen. This catastrophe is known in the Netherlands as the Vuurwerkramp, Dutch for fireworks disaster. Since this event, the city has undergone a major reconstruction process. After the fall of the textile industry, Enschede strives to become a center of business, innovation and technology through the Business and Science park, located just next to the University of Twente.

As a city famous for being "destroyed and reconstructed" many times, Enschede does not offer much in terms of historical attractions. However, the city has nice displays of contemporary Dutch architecture, particularly in the Roombeek neighborhood and at University of Twente, and its nightlife, cultural vibrancy and shopping options are quite developed for a city of its size.

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By train

From elsewhere in the Netherlands, Enschede is easily accessible by train from all major Dutch cities, and can be reached from smaller cities with at most one or two transfers. The journey time from Amsterdam is approximately two hours. An excellent (train only) travel planner is available at Nationale Spoorwegen. If you need to use a connecting bus or ferry from within the Netherlands, use 9292.

From Germany, direct trains (ending in Enschede) are available from Gronau, Dortmund, and Münster. To reach Enschede from Berlin, a stopover is available in Hengelo (a small city about 10 minutes by train from Enschede). Further guidance is available at Die Bahn.

By car

There is a large parking lot underneath the market square in the center of the city, the H.J. van Heekplein, which provides approximately 2000 parking spaces for visitors arriving by car.

Alternatively, there is a cheaper park and ride solution available at the expanded P+R Zuiderval. Frequent buses travel from here directly to the city center (approximately 5 minutes by bus). This is especially useful if you are arriving in Enschede via the highway, as the lot is just off the highway exit.

Get around

Enschede is a city best explored by bicycle, on foot or by public transportation. Parking spaces can be difficult to find and there are often traffic jams, especially during rush hour. The city center is also closed to motorized vehicles.


Roombeek neighborhood


Grolsch Veste, stadium of FC Twente


International Institute for Geo-Information and Earth Observation (known as ITC) is the most known educational/training center in Geoghraphic Information System and Remote Sensing. Also located is the University of Twente. Other educational institutes include Saxion Hogeschool and many schools for children. More information at (http://cms3.enschede.nl/)


Dragonheart Medieval Lifestyle

Enschede wishes to profile itself as the place to be in the eastern Netherlands when it concerns shopping. The large square, the Van Heeksplein, has therefor been severely modernised in recent years and been made the 'shopping-centre' of the city. Large stores such as V&D and De Bijenkorf are situated at it, as well as many clothingstores such as H&M, WE and C&A. Many other shops can be found throughout the city centre. On Tuesdays and Saturdays there is a large market at the Van Heekplein, which attracts quite a lot of Germans, as well as the locals of course.

Every Thursday shops are opened until 9PM instead of 6PM. In addition, shops are allowed to open every first Sunday of the month.


Lots of bars and restaurants are located at the Oude Markt. The first weekend of September this square is the stage of the 'Proefeet', an event on which restaurants sell small samples of their best food in order to win a grand prize.


As Enschede has a university and is the second largest town in the eastern Netherlands it has a fair amount of bars and cafes. The Oude Markt is the location of many bars and bistros which have large terraces, making it the perfect location for a drink on a warm summer night. The oldest pub in Enschede is Het Bolwerk, in the Bolwerkstraat, where one can drink a wide variety of beers and spirits, with the shocking exception of the Enschede-brewed Grolsch.

While the hipper crowds turn to places like Aspen Valley and Central Park, the alternative scene spends their Saturday night in Atak, where one can see a wide variety of customers from hippies to gothics to hard-core-metal-lovers. The student associations also have their own pub in de Pakkerij, like the largest student association of Enschede, AEGEE-Enschede which is often also open to visits from AEGEE students visiting from other European student cities.


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Enschede is a city surrounded by nature. It is a good base for walking, cycling or horse riding trips.



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