Encarnación is a short jaunt on a local bus across the river from Posadas, Argentina. A shopping destination for many Argentines availing themselves of the lower taxes and prices, Encarnación is a pleasant, modern and relaxed city. The nearby Jesuit Missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesus de Tavarangue near Encarnación are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Get in

Encarnación as seen from the Argentine side of the river

Frequent buses from:

A new shuttle train connects Encarnación with Posades, departing every 30 minutes during the day and reducing travel time to just over ten minutes. Immigration formalities are done at the Paraguayan side.

Get around

Encarnación is fairly compact, in as much as there isn't a lot to see outside the easily walkable centre. Buses are infrequent. There are several taxi stands near the plaza and the bus station, should you wish to go further afield.



Encarnación's beach


Unless you're going to Ciudad del Este, the cheapest place to buy just about anything, Encarnación would be a good spot to pick up consumer goods, especially electronics. Lower taxes and consequently lower prices than Argentina.



Cold beers available pretty much anywhere.





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Jesus de Tavarangue
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