Ely (Nevada)

Ely is in eastern Nevada near the Utah border at the intersection of US Highways 50, 93, and 6.

The section of US Highway 50 heading west out of Ely is known as "The Loneliest Road in America." Central Nevada is filled with desert valleys between sets of mountain ridges. As Highway 50 crosses each of these gently curved valleys in a perfectly straight course, you can often see 20 or 30 miles of completely empty road ahead of you. You just must make sure that you have a car in good working condition as there are basically no services for more than 50 miles at most times and summer temperatures can easily reach 110, and winter temperatures getting well below zero.

Downtown Ely

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U.S. Routes 6, 50 and 93 converge on Ely. To the north is Highway 93, which connects to Interstate 80 at Wells, I-84 at Twin Falls and I-90 at Missoula. Highway 50 heads west from Ely, eventually making its way to Fallon and Carson City on the other end of Nevada. This highway has an alternate route between Fallon and Fernley for easy access from I-80. Highway 6 travels southwest of Ely and connects to Tonopah and the Sierra Nevada region of California. Southeast of Ely there is a concurrency of all three highways; Route 93 quickly branches off south toward Las Vegas, while Highways 6 and 50 share the road all the way to Delta in Central Utah, not far from Interstate 15.

No commercial air service is currently available from Ely Airport, and there is no local train service. The nearest large commercial airports are in Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.


The landmarked East Ely Depot is now part of the Nevada Northern Railway Museum


Ely has several small casinos that offer slot machines if you want to try your luck, and the Hotel Nevada has live gaming with blackjack and poker tables. At the east end of the city there are a few legalized brothels that will give visitors free tours. Photographers will want to take a stroll downtown for shots of a pretty little park, old buildings and signage, and the magnificent neon prospector on the Hotel Nevada's Nevada Club. Surrounding the city are mountain ranges that offer the adventure of driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle over beautiful mountains, up canyons, and remove valleys. Mountain climbers can find many peaks over 11,000 feet in elevation.



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Ely is at the crossroads to several destinations throughout the western United States. Idaho is accessible via US 93 north, while US 50 and US 6 lead to points in California, Utah and Colorado.

Las Vegas is approximately four hours away on US 93 southbound, but one can take a shortcut via Nevada State Highway 318, which begins at an intersection with US 6 about 30 miles outside Ely. Taking this route shortens the trip to Vegas by about 60 miles (100 km), but the road is extremely desolate with nearly nonexistent cell phone coverage and no services to speak of apart from the small town of Lund. Don't try it unless you trust your car and you have emergency supplies.

Routes through Ely

Bishop Tonopah  W  E  Delta Spanish Fork
Carson City Fallon  W  E  Delta Grand Junction
Twin Falls Wells  N  S  Pioche Las Vegas

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