Ely (Minnesota)

Ely is in Northeastern Minnesota.

Get in

Plan to spend some time getting to Ely. They don't call it the "End of the Road" for nothing! If you take a commercial flight to Minnesota, plan to rent a car to get to Ely. It's about four hours from the Twin Cities, or two hours from Duluth.

Get around

Primary highways are wide and well-maintained summer and winter, but secondary county roads in the vicinity of Ely are often narrow, hilly, and have a gravel or dirt surface. The scenic Echo Trail (County Road 116) heading north of town is beautiful, but especially rugged.



In the winter: Dog sledding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and a variety of other winter activities, since the lakes have frozen over and are covered with snow. One place to book winter trips is through Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge


For all of your outdoor needs, there is Piragis. To save some money, check out their outlet shop, a block away on Sheridan Street. There also is Wintergreen, which also offers outdoor supplies. Steger Mukluks will keep your toes warm. And there are probably two dozen other outfitters and equipment suppliers where you can get good quality and a good selection of most any outdoor stuff you want.

There are many fun gift shops as well. Some feature woodsy and down-home items, some have lovely artistic decor items, or furniture, or quirky widgets. There's plenty of fun shopping.

And the usual utility things: For groceries, there is Zup's right in the middle of town. Along the main street you also find two dry cleaners. There is a hemp store, also called Music Outfitters, and an army surplus store. Good food at a variety of restaurants and eateries.

Ely is a small town, it's fun just to walk around the town and explore these places for yourself.




Go next

There are only two ways out: Minnesota 169 heading southwest from Ely, and Minnesota 1 heading southeast.

Routes through Ely

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