St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church‎ at 215 Court Street

Elizabeth is a city in New Jersey.


Elizabeth, along with its neighbor, Newark, is a major port and a major center of industry, but the city also has charm, including tree-lined streets with pretty houses.

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By plane

Newark Liberty International Airport is the main airport for central-northern New Jersey, and part of the airport actually lies within Elizabeth's city limits. New York City is easily accessible from Newark Airport, by cab (costly), bus, or train.

By train

Anywhere the Amtrak Rail line departs in or outside New Jersey should have service to Elizabeth, as they have a major train station there. Some destinations may require transfer of trains, but getting there from outside areas should not be a problem. The other major railroad system is New Jersey Transit, which runs throughout the entire state and surrounding states such as parts of Pennsylvania and New York. The city of Elizabeth is planning to add new light rail links. By far, traveling by train is the best method of travel other than automobiles and buses, because of its wide variety of destinations.

Elizabeth's train station

By car

If coming from the South, the fastest way is I-95, which runs straight up the east coast, and from there you can take the New Jersey Turnpike directly into Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a hub of several major roadways including the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike, Interstate 95, Interstate 78, U.S. Route 1&9, U.S. Route 22, Route 27, Route 28, Route 82 and Route 439.

By bus

If you are traveling from a large distance, Greyhound Buslines is the best choice for bus travel. Though you may have to arrive in Newark first, this should not be a problem to board another bus or train, because of Newark's close proximity to Elizabeth. The New Jersey Transit bus system and Coach US are also very reliable.

By boat

As of right now, there is no means of passengers getting to and from Elizabeth by ship. The only ships that can come into the Elizabethport are marine and cargo ships. However, there are plans to develop a ferry system that will transport passengers to and from Elizabeth to New York.


There are many historical landmarks throughout the city, such as the Art Deco Hersh Tower, St. John's Episcopal Church, First Presbyterian Church, and the City Hall building. Other historical landmarks or tributes are the Veteran's Monument dedicated to soldiers who were citizens of the city. There are also tributes to the members aboard the Challenger spacecraft, as well as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument. All of the mentioned monuments are located in the midtown section of Elizabeth. The newest monument displayed in front of the Elizabeth Train Station (itself a landmark, pictured in this article) is the 9/11 Tribute. It was dedicated to remember the citizens from Elizabeth who died on that day either in the line of duty or who worked in the World Trade Center.

In addition, the Union County Courthouse located in Midtown and the Elizabeth Seaport are two destinations in the city that people find quite amazing.


The city of Elizabeth offers a wide variety of things to see and do, depending on one's interest.

The Ritz Theatre on East Jersey Street in Midtown is a historical theatre that has been operating since 1926, and showcases many different shows, including stand-up comedy.

Some locals also go to the Dunn Sports Center which is connected to the Elizabeth High School. The Dunn Center is where the Elizabeth Minutemen play basketball and wrestle. During the spring and summer months, there are carnivals and parades throughout the city for all to attend. The weekend of Memorial Day, there is the "Tour de Elizabeth", which is a citywide bike tour. Most people also love going to Warinanco Park for Baseball, Soccer, and Track. People also enjoy rides in the park as well as ice skating in the skating rink. Warinanco Park connects Linden, Roselle, and Elizabeth.


Elizabeth's General Post Office

Most child residents of Elizabeth attend the Public School System. Elizabeth High School has various academies that were newly renovated to gear high school students toward their specific career goals. An alternative to the High School are other private schools in the Elizabeth area. St. Patrick's Academy and High School is located in the downtown area of Elizabeth. The academy teaches grades 5-8 while the high school teaches 9-12. St. Patrick's High School is well known for their basketball program, with a great success rate of students being offered to play for different colleges. Another private school is St. Benedictine's which is located on the border of Elizabeth and Hillside, New Jersey.

For college or for higher learning, Union County College has a campus on the border of North Elizabeth and Midtown Elizabeth. The Drake School of Business is also located on Broad St in Midtown. Kean University is located right on the border of Elizabeth and Union, New Jersey.


Elizabeth is home to the largest outlet mall in New Jersey, "Jersey Gardens". Features of this mall include a Loews Cineplex showcasing 20 movie screens, a large play area and arcade section for the kids, as well as many comfortable couches and chairs throughout the mall that parents can sit while the children play. Others include stores such as Nautica, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Skechers, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and New Balance outlet stores. There are also many other well known stores that you can find in any part of the country, and a large variety of shoe stores. The food court is tremendous and offers many different kinds of food, including a Burger King.

Also for those who crave shopping, Broad Street in the Midtown district is the main area for shopping with a wide variety of department stores, the best known and largest of which is Shopper's World.

Elizabeth Avenue is home to many businesses, especially Hispanic-owned business, such as fresh produce markets and travel agencies, as well as banks.


There are many great places to eat here in Elizabeth, from restaurant chains like Burger King, Ihop, and Wendy's to little well-known eateries that have been around for years.




Elizabeth is filled with hotels and motels all around. There is a great range that can suit the needs of many people.


If you are on a budget for a place to stay, then you are looking for some of the motels that are right along Rte 1&9.


If you are able to spend a pretty penny for a great place to stay, then the Hampton Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, and the ExtendedStay Hotels are the perfect fit for you. With room services, complimentary items, and indoor facilities, you will enjoy your stay greatly.


If you can splurge for the best experience available, the Hilton Hotel and the Sheraton Four Points Hotel are the Hotels for you. If the Hilton or the Sheraton do not fit your needs, the Renaissance by Marriott and the DoubleTree Hotel which is in the sister city of Newark are both available and is no more than 5 minutes away from the Jersey Gardens Mall.

Stay safe

Like many other urban cities in the United States, Elizabeth does have its problems, nice areas and bad areas. However, problems can be avoided with common sense. Do not go to areas of town you know nothing about during the night, without someone who knows the area well. It is not very likely that you will be a victim unless you make yourself a victim. The people of Elizabeth carry a mentality of handling their own business and not interfering with others. Thus, if you are walking alone at night, try to remain in well lit areas. It is relatively safe as long as you avoid staring at groups of people. Even if an activity looks suspicious, 9 times out of 10, they are not even worried about you unless you seem to pose a threat or meddle in their business like a police officer would do.

The downtown area close to the Port of Elizabeth can be very dangerous at night time even for the residents, so stay away from this area at night, and never ever handle large sums of money in public. Otherwise, walking through the city during daylight hours is not a problem, and you should have nothing to worry about. North Elizabeth, Elmora, and Elmora Hills are the calmest parts of the city, and the cleanest.

Also, Elizabeth is a very diverse city with ethnic groups consisting of a majority of Hispanic/Latino citizens from almost every Latin-American nation, especially Colombians, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans, along with Portuguese and Brazilians, and a large African-American community; others include Italians, Polish, Asians, and White Anglo-Saxons. Respect the diversity. Any racial remarks or slurs in any part of the city can result in major problems and confrontations.



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