El Remate

El Remate is a small, relaxed little village on the east side of Lago Petén Itza. Some travelers looking for peace and quiet opt to stay here rather than Flores as a base for exploring the lake and the region. It's also the closest jumping off point to Tikal.

Get in

Minibuses run from Santa Elena semi-frequently throughout the day (Q20). A taxi from the Santa Elena airport will run US$20.

Get around

Central El Remate is small and walkable, but if you're staying a ways along the north road on the lake, you may want to find a bicycle to rent. Microbuses mosey along randomly, and you may be able to hop on to one of those, but don't count on it. Some hotels have their own buses and will take guests where they need to go. Otherwise, expect to do a lot of walking.



Several local food shacks are scattered along the main road. Most lodges have restaurants, and often include breakfast and even dinner in the price of accommodation.


Outside of a quiet beer at your lodge, don't expect much nightlife in or near El Remate.




A couple places near the main junction offer internet. La Casa de Don David, on the corner, can get you online for $4/hr.

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