El Ceibo

El Ceibo is a border town (or arguably, two border towns) in the Petén department of the Northern Lowlands of Guatemala and Tabasco, Mexico.


This town marks the northern most border crossing between Mexico and Guatemala. It is referred to by the same name on both sides of the border. However the Mexican side was formerly known Sueños de Oro. The border crossing is fairly new having only opened in 2009.

On the Guatemalan side you will find a couple of hotels, stores, and restaurants. The Mexican side is significantly sparser and contains only a even smaller strip of restaurants and shops. If you want to Change Money it appears doing it on the Guatemalan side is your best bet, as there isn't anybody offering those services on the Mexican side.

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There don't appear to be any cross border services across this border at the moment.

Guatemala There are mini-vans/ collectivos from El Naranjo in Guatemala, which is about 20 KM away

Mexico There is a daily bus directly from Villahermosa via Emiliano Zapata (4 hours 400MXN). Also there are hourly buses from Tenosique (1 hour, 40MXN).


If you choose to, you can also stay on the Guatemalan side of the border where there are a couple of hotels. However, on the Mexican side, there is really nothing.

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