Raseborg (Swedish; Finnish: Raasepori) is a town and municipality in Uusimaa.


Mining building at Jussarö

Raseborg was created in 2009 by consolidating municipalities of Ekenäs, Karis and Pohja into a single town. Majority (66%) of the population speaks Swedish.

The only Finnish ghost town Jussarö is located in Raseborg. Jussarö is in fact an island, where iron ore was mined once. Between 1967-2005 the island was used by the army. Since then it is accessible for the public again and it is even possible to stay over night there.

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By car

Karis can be reached by route 51 from Helsinki. It is located about 80 km west from the capital. After another 20 km along route 25 in direction of Hanko you will arrive to Ekenäs. From Turku you can arrive via highway E18 and route 52, the distance is about 115 km to Ekenäs.

By public transport

Arriving by train and bus is also possible, both from Helsinki and Turku directions.


Raseborg Castle





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