Eifel National Park

Eifel National Park is in the north Eifel in Western Germany.



The nature resort opened in 2006. Before that it was a combat training area for British troops.


A lot of hills and forests. There is also a big dam (Ruhrtalsperre). Villages in the valleys are 300 metres above sea level and the hills rise up to 600 metres.


There is a lot of snow in the winter.

Get in

By bus from Aachen is quite easy. The SB63 from Aachen central bus station takes around 1h20min to get to Einruhr.


You have to pay around €1.50 for every night you sleep in the resort.

Get around

There are many hiking/bike trails and there is also a good bus network (they usually come every hour).


Looking down on the river dam lake from the hills surrounding it is really nice.


Walking the nature walking trails. The total length of trails in the park is 85 kilometres.


Honey made in the region.


One can stay for less than €30 per person per night in the youth hostels. Camping in the wilderness is prohibited.

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