Eidfjord is a city in Hardanger.

View from Øktanuten in Eidfjord

Eidfjord is the innermost village in Hardanger/Hardangerfjord.


Eidfjord offers a unique natural environment. With large contrasts and small distances you can experience the most and best that Norway has to offer. Large open spaces and high mountains. Deep valleys and blue-green fjords. Glaciers, mountain lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Luxuriant fjord landscapes with green mountain sides and white mountain tops. More than 95% of Eidfjord Community's total area of around 1,500 square kilometers is more than 600 meters above sea level. Hardangervidda is Europe’s largest mountain plateau and Norway’s largest national park. The rest of the community lies around the beautiful and well-known Hardangerfjord.

Eidfjord tourist information office , Ostangvegen 1, 5783 Eidfjord, Norway. Tlf: +47 53 67 34 00, Fax: +47 53 67 34 01, E-mail: turistinfo@visiteidfjord.no

Get in

By train

Take the train from Oslo to Geilo, then the bus from Geilo to Eidfjord. The bus service is daily in the period from 7. May – 30. September. Outside of this period, you must take the train from Oslo to Voss and then take the bus from Voss to Eidfjord.

If you come from Bergen you take the train to Voss and then the bus to Eidfjord.

By bus

From Oslo

Skyss [] Dep Arr Geilo – Eidfjord: 11.50am - 01.45pm (during the period 01.05 – 30.09) 07.45pm – 09.30pm (during the period 22.06 – 16.08) Eidfjord - Geilo: 09.00am – 10.45am (during the period 01.05 – 30.09) 02.15pm – 04.20pm (during the period 22.06 – 16.08)

From Bergen

Skyss [] Dep Arr Voss – Eidfjord: 11.40am – 12.50pm (arr. 02.10pm during school breaks) 17.35pm – 18.55pm

Eidfjord – Voss: 07.15am – 08.30am 08.35am – 09.55am 13.45pm – 15.15pm (during the period 01.05 – 30.09) 17.55pm – 19.15pm

By car

Bergen - Eidfjord via the Rv 7 road: Kvamskogen, Norheimsund and along the Hardanger fjord to Granvin. From Granvin to the ferry connection Bruravik – Brimnes. Around three hours. Bergen - Eidfjord via the Rv 13: In the direction of Voss and to the Bruravik – Brimnes ferry connection. Around two-and-a-half hours.

By ferry Ferry over the Hardangerfjord Bruravik – Brimnes Summer: Daily departures every 20 minutes. Winter: Daily departures every 40 minutes. The journey takes 10 minutes. Brimnes lies around 10 kilometers from Eidfjord.

Cruise ship visiting Eidfjord


Spare pelton wheel at Sima Hydroelectric power plant

In Eidfjord, you find many attractions created by nature and our ancestors, and also many modern attractions,that appeal to people of all ages. This guide gives a short overview of these attractions - you can get more information at the Eidfjord tourist information centre.

The well-known Kjeåsen mountain farm lies as an eagle’s nest in the very steep mountainside, 530 metres above the Simadalsfjord. Drive around 1.5 kilometers past Sima hydroelectric power plant, and then take the first road to the left. The road to Kjeåsen is five-kilometers-long. Half of the road goes through a tunnel without lights. Kjeåsen lies to the left of the tunnel opening. Hourly driving: Driving up the road on the hour every hour. Driving down the road every 30 minutes past the hour. Group price. Footpath up the steep mountainside (about 1.5-2 hours each way).

Sima hydroelectric power plant is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Europe. The power plant’s main hall lies 700 meters into the mountain and is 200-metres-long, 20-metres-wide and 40-metres-high. The plant offers guided tours that include a film about the construction of the power plant and a tour of the power station hall. The whole tour takes about an hour. Sima hydroelectric power plant lies in Simadalen, around seven kilometers from Eidfjord. Follow the signs to the plant. Opening times: 15 June – 15 August: 10.00am, 12 noon and 2.00pm. From 1 July also at 3.30pm. Open for groups throughout the year by agreement. Contact the tourist information center for more information and booking. Telephone: +47 53 67 34 00.

Western Norway’s largest burial mounds from the Iron Age and Viking periods with 350 graves from AD400-1000. Part of a fascinating cultural landscape. The burial mounds are located on the Hæreid plateau, around 20 minutes walk from the center of Eidfjord. Access also by car. Information guide with map from the tourist information center.

is a modern and wildly exciting nature- and cultural historic exhibit center for Norwegian nature, climate and environment. Live exhibitions on 3 floors, aquariums and interactive stations. View the great panoramic movie, produced by Ivo Caprino, on 5 large screens. You will experience an exciting trip with helicopter above high mountains, deep valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, wild reindeer and untouched glaciers- an experience for the whole family. Souvenir shop and tourist information. Hardangerviddahallen Restaurant and Café. Offers traditional food. Souvenir shop and tourist information. Opening hours: Apr - Oct: 10am - 6pm, Jun 15th - Aug 20th: 9am - 8pm Open for groups all year.

Vøringsfossen waterfall

Eidfjord kommune has built an excellent gallery, adjacent to Quality Hotel & Resort Vøringfoss, for the unique work of the painter Nils Bergslien. In addition,the gallery has room for other art exhibitions. Gallery Nils Bergslien is located in the center of Eidfjord. For details of exhibitions and opening times, contact Eidfjord tourist information center or Eidfjord kommune. Telephone: +47 53 67 35 00. Free entry!!

Vøringfossen is Norway’s most visited natural tourist attraction. It has a total fall of 182 meters, including a vertical fall of 145 meters. The best location to see the waterfall is by Fossli Hotel, which lies 20 kilometers from Eidfjord at the top of Måbødalen. Turn off the Rv 7 road at the access road to Fossli Hotel/Vøringfossen.

Stone church from 1309. a Jacobs church. The story tells of a domineering and powerful Rike-Ragna who built the church to pay for her sins. Eidfjord Old Church is located at Lægreid in Eidfjord. Easy access. Car and bus parking. Open for groups all year by appointment, contact the tourist information office.

Skytjefossen waterfall has a free fall of 300 meters and is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway. The waterfall lies innermost in Simadalen, around 12 kilometres from the center of Eidfjord. Follow the road from Eidfjord into the valley past the last house at Tveit (parking). Walk from Tveit to Skytjefossen, around one-and-a-half hours there and back.


Iceclimbing in Eidfjord

Eidfjord offers activities for every taste. There are possibilities for physical activities, or alternatively to enjoy the peace and quiet. This guide gives you an overview of some of the things you can do in Eidfjord. There is much to explore here. Eidfjord is surrounded by waterfalls and is described as maybe the worlds best place for ice climbing,

The tourist information recommends the Sightseeing in Eidfjord wild and beautiful tour. A 3-hour sightseeing tour in Eidfjord, including admission to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre and a tour up the Måbødalen valley with breathtaking views of the impressive Vøringsfossen waterfall. Tickets sold at Tidereiser or the Eidfjord Tourist Information Office. The tourist information and FlatEarth also rents out bikes.

In warm weather there is a beach located a kilometer from Eidfjord in the direction of Simadalen instead. Family-friendly beach three kilometers from the center of Eidfjord in the direction of Simadalen. Hardangertun Family Park with leisure pool, 29 kilometers from the center of Eidfjord.

It's also possible to rent Canoes and Boats. Try Flatearth or Sæbo Camping for the former, and Vik Pensjonat or Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord Hotel for the latter. You could also sail on a mini-cruise along the beautiful Hardangerfjord with TIDE's rapidboat "Vøringen" . It’s also possible to book a fjordcruise with the boat ”Lady Anne”. For further information, contact the tourist information center, tel +47 53 67 34 00.

Tour and activity providers


Måbødalen with Vøringsfossen waterfall to the left

Well-prepared footpaths, central Eidfjord and Øvre Eidfjord. Easy walking. Maps at the tourist information center and the Hardangervidda Naturecentre.

area for outings, fishing and berry picking.


Candle factory and gift-shop

Local handy-crafts, art, photo and local foods.

Gift-shop and souvenirs

Wooden objects


Hardangerviddahallen Restaurant and Cafe


Quality Hotel & Resort VøringfossTel: +47 53 67 41 00

Eidfjord Fjell & Fjord HotelTel: +47 53 66 52 64

Vik Pensjonat og CafèTel: +47 53 66 51 62

Mix, Mett og God Tel: +47 53 66 55 83 21

Øvre Eidfjord

Hardangerviddahallen Restaurant og KaféTel: +47 53 67 40 00

Måbødalen Camping og HyttesenterTel: +47 53 66 59 88

Eidfjord Gjestgiveri Tel: +47 53 66 53 46 49


Vøringfoss Kafeteria Tel: +47 53 66 57 20

Fossli Hotel Tel: +47 53 66 57 77

Liseth Pensjonat og Hyttetun Tel: +47 53 66 57 14

Dyranut Fjellstova Tel: +47 53 66 57 16



Eidfjord Gjestgiveri (Guesthouse and Pancake restaurant)

Øvre Eidfjord

Fossli and Garen

Quality Hotel & Resort Vøringfoss

Touristhuts in the Hardangervidda

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