North Edmonton is a district in Edmonton, Alberta.

Get in

By car

North Edmonton, due to its massive size, has a large number of major roads. 97th Street is probably the biggest of them all. It goes from the Central district all the way through the north-side and into farmland. It takes you through residential areas and major big box areas. 137th Avenue is another big one, going east and west and is full of shops. Other major roads include: Fort Rd., Victoria Trail, 167 Ave., 66 St., 127 St., and Saint Albert Tr./Mark Messier Hwy.

North Edmonton is served by three highways: Yellowhead Trail, Manning Drive, and Anthony Henday Drive. Yellowhead is the main one and can get you in and out of the city quickly and goes west-east. Manning is an extension of Fort Road and goes to Fort Saskatchewan, a suburb 14km away. Anthony Henday is still in development and currently only has 2 true exits/offramps from it: at Yellowhead Trail in the west, and Stony Plain Road.

By plane

City Centre Airport

From the airport get out on Kingsway Avenue and continue on it until 111th Ave. then turn north when you get to 97 St., from there you choose where to go. You're basically in the north end.

Edmonton International Airport

There are multiple routes to get to the North side from the Edmonton International Airport. The fastest would be going north on Calgary Trail until Anthony Henday Dr., and go westbound until Stony Plain Road and then go eastbound on Stony Plain Road. From there, turn left (or north) on 170th Street and continue on 170th until Yellowhead. Ta-da! You're in the north end.


Transit is pretty accessible in the area. Buses cover all major and many residential streets. For LRT, there are 4 stations currently: Clareview, Coliseum, Stadium, and Belvedere (near Fort Road).




Shopping in this part of town generally isn't anything particularly interesting, pretty similar to other Canadian suburban areas, if that's what you're looking for, this place is fine.


North Edmonton eating is pretty typical of Albertan suburbs.



Stay safe

Areas around the ‘’’Fort Road’’’ district (between Yellowhead and 135 Avenue) are best avoided at night. There are a lot of homeless, poor people and the number of dirty and drinking establishments in the area doesn’t help.

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