Eastern Slovenia

Eastern Slovenia is the far northeastern region of Slovenia.


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Bukovnik Lake

Bukovnik lake (Lake BUKOVNICA Prekmurska) is a reservoir, which lies south of the village Bukovnica in the southeast Goričko.

This artificial lake is 2-3 m deep on average and reaches a maximum depth of 8 m has been created as a flood protection measure, by regulating parts of the river and its tributaries Ledava, its area is about 7 ha. Lake was originally intended for aquaculture, and later evolved in fishing and sport fishing. The lake lies between the chestnut-beech forests and is an important habitat for propagation of amphibians. It also thrive endangered plant and aquatic frogs "šejek" and "Orešek".

On a hill near the lake in the beech forest is located Chapel of St. Vitus: The healing spring "Saint. Vid is locatated nearby. Radiesthesiasits marked in this area 26 healing energy points.

The Forest Educational trail starts at the forest road over fishing hut and passing round Bukovnica forest to the lake and back to the baseline. The path is about 1700 m, is not demanding from all over the 42 m elevation difference. The six information boards provide information on forest educational path.

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