East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan (Kaltim) is the easternmost and the northernmost of Kalimantan. Best known for the beautiful beaches along its east coast, it stretches from the Celebes Sea near Malaysia into the Makassar Strait. Political it consists of East Kalimantan Province and North Kalimantan Province.



East Kalimantan is on Borneo, a large island shared with Malaysia and Brunei. In the east, it is separated from West Sulawesi and North Sulawesi by the wide Sulawesi/Makassar Strait.


East Kalimantan is one of Borneo's most sparsely populated countries. With a population of only 3 million people and a land area of 204,534 km2, the population density is only 17 inhabitants per km2. Most of the population are Javaneses. The indigenous Kutai people traditionally inhabit the southern part of East Kalimantan. Other recognized minorities is the Dayak people. In recent years, immigration, in particular from the other Indonesian province, has increased greatly.

East Kalimantan is formally an Islamic province.


East Kalimantan is the centre of Indonesia's timber, oil and gas industries. As you might guess, the stripped coastal areas are not a pretty sight, but the province's more interesting sights lie far upriver in areas untouched by the voracious logging machines.


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You can also access Kalimantan Timur from Tawau in Malaysia. From Tawau there is a boat to Tarakan. From there another one to Nunukan in Berau district. You need a visa to enter Indonesia on that port (Visa on arrival is not available) but there is an consulate in Tawau which seems to do visas quite quick.


Orangutan in Kutai National Park

Visiting Mahakam River hinterland and orangutan or exploring kutai national park is the best option.



There is quite good diving on the east coast.

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