The popular Dunsborough Bakery

Dunsborough is a town in Western Australia.

Get in

Many people who live in Perth drive to Dunsborough by car. With the recent Freeway extension, the trip takes approximately 3 hours.

There is a train service to Bunbury, as well as buses from Perth.

Get around

Cycling: The town, coastal area, and hinterland are all very flat and there are a number of shared-use bike paths, making it fairly easy to get around by bike. The traffic along the more major roads can be a bit hard going sometimes, especially as there is sometimes not much space on the hard shoulder.


The beaches are relatively calm in Geographe Bay.

West of Dunsborough along Caves Road is a cave named Nglili Cave. It is one of the deepest in the region and has many wonderful features. Weddings are sometimes held there. The lighthouse in the west is also very popular.


You can go fishing, surfing, swimming, driving around, visit wineries etc...


Dunsborough is home to a notable bakery. The pies are delicious there.


For a tourism oriented town, Dunsborough lacks a large range of restaurants. There are quite a few take-away places and cafes open during the day. At night, there is a small outdoor food area next to the pub, with a pizza place, a Thai take-away and a burger take-away place all next to each other.


Dunsborough has a pub. There is a bar called Malt, selling a variety of beers, wines, and food on the beach road.


There are many motels/hotels/resorts. Beachside resorts are especially popular.

Stay safe

Dunsborough is very safe just like the other towns in this area. Around times where school leavers come down here you might want to avoid them as some might be drunk but most don't cause any problem.

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