Drenthe is a province in the Netherlands.


Get in

It is easiest to come by train from Utrecht, or Groningen. If you want to visit Emmen you can take a bus from Groningen or take a train from Zwolle.

Get around

Within the province, travel by bus is possible. But the best way to explore is by bike. As there are many little nice villages and small places to visit, it is a good idea to go exploring by bike. Many bikeroads have been build.


Explore the Dwingelose Heide or visit the Netherlands' biggest Hunnebed in Borger. The International Wooden Shoe Museum in Eelde, near Groningen, is a museum for clogs, clog-making equipment and machinery. It has the largest collection of wooden footwear in the world.

Borger itself is far from interesting, but in the wider region many people spend holidays there. Many forests are to be found here, with little lakes to swim in. This is not a flat region, by Dutch standards, but quite hilly. Also, a large sheep festival is held every year in Exloo.

Orvelte is a park with old houses. Very interesting, it gives a glimpse of the countryside in past centuries. It is free to enter the village, but some sights and activities charge €2-5, parking is €4.

the monument of the Straf house where Anne Frank was placed

Outside the village of Westerbork was a large transport camp from which many Jews had been transported. This is now a museum.


Rent a bike and explore the region. Visit little villages, have a drink. Take in some food in some of the excellent restaurants you will come across. If you are getting too tired, put your bike on the train. If you head to Westerbork, consider an organized bike tour for an extra dose of history.

Go next

There are fine next stops in every direction. Head north to explore the lively student city of Groningen, or south to explore the historic towns of the Eastern Netherlands. Of course, other destinations in the Netherlands are just a quick ride away, so if you haven't checked out the major tourist destinations of Amsterdam and Delft, nothing is stopping you from heading out west. If you're looking to cross the border with Germany, Meppen is just on the other side and a popular shopping destination.

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