Dram (Zhangmu, Nepalese: Khasa) is a town in Xigatse Prefecture. Located at 2350m above sea level, it belongs more to the world of Nepal than the high plateau of Tibet.

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Located on the Friendship Hwy at the border with Nepal. Public transportation is not currently available so you will need to hitchhike or rent a Land Cruiser for further travel into Tibet.

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Bank of China does not change money. You may find that changing money will be better on the Chinese side of the border. Most merchants on both sides of the border take both Nepalese Rupees and Chinese Yuan for purchases and will offer to change your money.

Be aware that prices in Dram are the highest in Tibet - 2-3 times as expensive as Lhasa.


Lots of Chinese restaurants in the vicinty of the Bank of China branch.


Zhangmu Binguan, Zhangmu Luguan, Himalaya Hotel, Waishigongbianshi Binguan are The main hotels within Dram. These are located near the Bank of China branch. the Riguang Lushe is located further uphill from the other hotels.

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The Friendship Hwy winds its way through Dram, zig-zagging back and forth as it descends the mountain side. At the lowest point of Dram is the edge of the no man's land that separates Dram from it's counterpart on the Nepal side, Kodari. Here you will find Chinese Customs and Immigration at the gate that separates the town from the no man's land. The no man's land stretches for 10km until you reach the Friendship Bridge with Nepalese Customs and Immigration at the other side. You have two options for travel through the no man's land - one is to walk and the other is to hitchhike. You will also find baggage porters, charging an average of 40NR per porter, who will carry your baggage across the no-man's land.

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