Drøbak is in the Frogn municipality, in the county of Akershus in Norway, at the shores of the Oslofjord, a few miles south-east of Oslo.


Drøbak was in the 19th century used as a winter port for the capital Oslo, because the fjord froze in winter time. The most famous story is Oscarborg fortresses role during the Norwegian campaign. The 9th April 1940, the fortress sunk the German cruiser Blücher and thus delayed the Nazi German invasion of Norway.

Today the town is a picturesque little spot, which consists mostly of small, whitepainted wooden houses. Especially in summer, the town is used as a seaside resort for many tourists, who find many scenic attractions here.

Get in

By plane

From these two airports there are bus connections to Drøbak:

By boat

Good moorings if you have your own boat.

In the period April 15 to September 30 you may travel to Drøbak by ferry. The ferryboat leaves every day from Aker Brygge in Oslo, landing at Sjøtorget in Drøbak. This ferry stops at Oscarsborg Fortress and Håøya.

By bus

Bus routes 541 and 542 from Oslo, about 40 minutes away. The fare is 74 NOK.

By car

European Route E6 is going through Frogn municipality in the north-south direction (from Oslo and the Swedish border). Follow signs to Drøbak from the motorway. There is a sub sea tunnel at Norwegian National Road 23 under the Oslofjord from the west side of the fjord. (Hurum and Drammen)

By motorcycle

The mentioned routes for bicycles are tempting drives for MC-enthusiasts who want to avoid the motorway and enjoy curvy country roads.

By taxi

A Taxi from Oslo will cost you about 5-600 on daytime, and about 1000 NOK on evenings/night. On longer Taxi rides, it's ok to bargain with the driver for a fair price.

Get around

The town of Drøbak is small, and most can be reached on foot. For tours in the wider area Follo, the bus is the best option, both north towards the capital, Oslo and south towards Østfold county.

Drøbak has good ports for small boats. The surroundings around Drøbak provide excellent opportunities to use a bicycle or motorcycle. If you drive a car, you should be aware of the many toll booths in the area. Taxi is a rather expensive alternative.


Oscarsborg Fortress



The post office of Santa Claus - in Drøbak

Drøbak is hometown to Santa Claus, or Julenissen in Norwegian, and he has of course an office open to public where you can buy his stuff all year long - Julehuset.



Note: The local authorities closed all food sale after midnight because they did not want people in the streets at night time. So no burgers etc. on the streets of Drøbak.


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