Dougga is a small town in the north of Tunisia that holds the remains of a UNESCO World Heritage listed Roman town.

Roman remains at Dougga.


Extensive ruins of a Roman town, still in pretty good condition (for the age).

Get in

Get off the bus in Teboursouk where one of the waiting taxi drivers will take you all to the site and then pick you up again at a prearranged time. Very convenient and quick but 15TD ( if you don't manage to get the price down, remember that Dougga is a memorable place to visit and worth the money ). Or you could go as part of an organised trip...

Get around

Light sandals might not be the best footwear as the paths are, for the most part, cobbled and can be reasonably steep in places.


Allow at least half a day to see the site in its entirety. There are lots of buildings still partially standing. I was surprised that there were no restrictions as to where you could walk - the site is completely open.


Take lots of photographs!


No facilities on site. Don't be surprised if a local farmer/shepherd tries to sell you Roman 'artifacts'.


Small shady area with tables where you can buy cold drinks, snax, postcards and use the toilets.


Make sure you have a supply of water but you can buy it - and other drinks - on site. If buying from the local town make sure you get it from a reputable shop - street vendors have been known to refill empty bottled water containers with the local tap variety.


One hotel in the town a few miles away.

Go next

Use a return taxi trip ( see above ) because there might be no taxis waiting to pick up passengers leaving Dougga (as it is in the middle of nowhere), or visit as part of an organized trip.

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