Dothan is a city in southeastern Alabama, serving as the county seat of Houston County, and the chief city of the western Wiregrass region, an area encompassing portions of southeastern Alabama, southwestern Georgia, and the panhandle of Florida. Its population in 2007 was estimated at 65,447, making it the largest metropolitan area in southeastern Alabama.



Dothan began as "Poplar Head", a stop along the main trail that ran through this portion of the state during the early nineteenth century. It was incorporated in 1885, and renamed after the village mentioned in Genesis 37:17, which reads "let us go to Dothan". The city quickly became a hub for local agriculture and industry, especially the peanut business, and its annual National Peanut Festival (since 1938) reflects this heritage. Dothan has long proclaimed itself the "Peanut Capital of the World", as approximately one-quarter of the peanuts grown in the U.S. are grown within 75 miles of the city. Movie Gallery, a national movie rental chain, has its national headquarters here.


Dothan has a humid subtropical climate, with hot, sticky summers and generally mild winters. Snowfall is rare, and when it does come, it seldom accumulates to any great degree or remains for very long. Summer temperatures easily reach 90-100 degrees or more, while the average winter temperature is 59 degrees.

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By plane

Dothan has one commercial airport, located northwest of the city in the tiny village of Napier Field. Once served by DC-9 jets during the 1970's (Southern Airways), it is now serviced by ExpressJet, a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, currently flying to and from Atlanta International Airport. Dothan Regional Airport offers a full range of airport services and amenities; for further information, visit their website at Dothan Regional Airport .

By train

There is no passenger rail service to Dothan. The nearest Amtrak station is in Birmingham. Chipley, Florida contained an Amtrak station prior to the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, but damage to the tracks in northwestern Florida forced its closure, together with all Amtrak stations on that route east of New Orleans. As of June 2009, the station has not yet reopened, though there is talk of reestablishing this portion of the "Sunset Limited" route.

By bus

Dothan is served by Greyhound Bus Lines. The station is located at 285 S. Foster St., phone number is 334-792-1191. Further information and hours of operation, etc. may be found at Dothan Greyhound Station.

By car

U.S. Highways 231, 431 and 84 all intersect in Dothan, as do several state highways. No interstate service currently exists in this part of Alabama, but the three highways named above are all four-laned for several miles beyond the Dothan city limits. U.S. 231 is four-laned all the way north to Montgomery, and all the way south to Panama City. The city is encircled by a four-lane bypass, known as the "Ross-Clark Circle."

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There is no public transit system in Dothan, so getting around will require a car or bicycle, or walking. Traffic on the Ross-Clark Circle can be quite heavy, especially during "rush hour" and around lunchtime.



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Be advised the summertime heat from June through September can be oppressive. It is not unusual for highs to be in the 90s or even the low 100s. Combined with very high humidity levels, it is nearly impossible to stay outdoors for very long. Make sure you have plenty of water!

One by-product of the heat and humidity is near-daily thunderstorms in the summer that can turn severe in an instant. Southeastern Alabama, like other areas of the South, is extremely prone to tornadic activity when weather conditions are right. In the event of severe weather, tune in to local radio or television, and be aware of the appropriate tornado shelter for the particular place you are staying (very few cellars or basements exist in this area, due to its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the corresponding high water table).

Water Moccasins, a poisonous land snake found throughout the southeastern United States, are common in the Dothan area. While your chances of encountering one are rare, you should nevertheless be aware of your surroundings if walking through any wet or low-lying area, or near any streams, lakes or other water sources. Rattlesnakes, Copperheads and Coral Snakes are also found in this region. Should you be bitten by any of these species, seek medical attention immediately.

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