ÁŮDoolin is in County Clare, Ireland.


Doolin is a small village located on the north west coast of County Clare in the Ireland's Shannon Region. Until the 1970s Doolin was just a typical Irish village, but then Irish folk music became more and more popular all around the world, and one of the best Irish whistle players, Micho Russell, lived in Doolin. During the times that he was not on US tour or in the studio, he could often be found at the O´Connor´s Pub in Doolin playing with his two brothers. This attracted an increasing number of tourists to the village, which in turn lead to more pubs offering Irish music sessions. Even though Micho Russel died in 1994, Doolin has retained its reputation as the unofficial "capital of Irish traditional music".

Although the village is full of tourists during summer, it is not like other tourist destinations in Ireland. People who go to Doolin do not just take a few photographs and move on, but get involved. They explore the local the culture and participate in the music scene. Consequently, the atmosphere is very friendly.

The village itself is just one street, Fisher Street. This is where most of the shops and pubs are located. Beyond that, there is a wide net of small roads that consists of the residential area. So, be aware that if you want to visit Doolin, due to the small population of the village and limited accommodation, you may find yourself staying 5 miles away.

Also note that there is NO ATM in Doolin village so come prepared!

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Food is served at all the pubs, and there is a small grocery store on Fisher Street.




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