Domingos Martins

Domingos Martins is a city in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Apart from being a tourist destination on its own, it is a perfect base for a visit to the Pedra Azul State Park.


Known as the “City of the Green” because of the exuberant vegetation of Atlantic forest around it, Domingos Martins is the most notorious destination in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo. It sits 542 meters above sea level, and within its borders lie mountains of up to 2000 meters, amongst which is the well-known Pedra Azul.

Lutheran Church and Dr. Arthur Gerhardt square during Christmas time

A salient feature in the history of the municipality is the presence of Pomeranian immigrants, who came from a region that is now part of Germany and Poland. Many still speak Pomeranian in the region, although today it is thought to be extinct in their homeland. Because it was colonized mainly by Germanic immigrants, Domingos Martins still has characteristically Germanic architecture and cuisine. This makes it a top tourist destination for Capixabas, as those born in Espírito Santo are called.

Domingos Martins is a town with excellent infrastructure to receive visitors, who mostly go there during the winter, when the local thermometers get to drop as low as to 0ºC (32°F). The town hosts many cultural attractions, including the well-known Sommerfest in the summer and the Festival de Inverno de Domingos Martins in the winter. The combination of the natural beauty of the Pedra Azul State Park, the hospitality of its people, and the colonial architecture grants a special charm to the city.

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Vitória Airport (VIX) - also known as Eurico Salles Airport - in the capital city of Vitória, is the closest airport to Domingos Martins. It receives daily flights from most state capitals in the country. Among the main airlines serving the airport are TAM and Gol. A number of smaller carriers also serve the airport, including Azul, TEAM, and TRIP.

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Domingos Martins is located at only 50 km (31.07 miles) from Vitória, on the BR-262 highway, in the Vitória-Belo Horizonte direction. The other access way to the town is the BR-101 highway.

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Domingos Martins is best explored on foot. A car might be needed though for a visit to the Pedra Azul State Park.


Pedra Azul (Blue Rock)

Apart from the Germanic architecture, some places are very worth a visit:



Some of the many Domingos Martins' annual festivals are:

Eco-tourism and sports

Many outdoor options are available in Domingos Martins, amongst them:

Following is a list of local companies that organize such activities:


Dr. Arthur Gerhardt statue


Most restaurants in Domingos Martins are specialized in German cuisine. A concentration of restaurants can be found at the following places:

Moreover, an exhaustive list of places to eat can be found at the municipality website .



The telephone area code for Domingos Martins is 27 (as well as in central and northern parts of Espírito Santo).

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