Doboj is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Republika Srpska entity. Doboj is at a pivotal point on the rivers Usora and Bosna. It is one of those Bosnian towns where you can find Orthodox, Catholic Churches and Mosques close to each other.

Get in Doboj

By plane

The closest international airport is at Banja Luka. If arriving by plane, you can travel via Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosna and Herzegovina) (shorter route), or Zagreb and Dubrovnik (Croatia).

By bus

You can try and find direct bus lines from some of European cities to Doboj, but in that case your journey may be quite long. A bus from Belgrade costs about 12 Euros (Oct 2006), Buses also run from Sarajevo and other cities.

Bus Zagreb -Doboj Departure: 14:00 Arrival: about 18:00

Price (one-way): about 13 Euro.

Bus Belgrade – Doboj Departure:07:00 - Arrival: 13:00 Departure:10:00 - Arrival: 16:00 Departure:22:30 - Arrival: 04:30

Bus Novi Sad – Doboj Departure:06:00 - Arrival: around 11:00 Departure:07:00 - Arrival: around 12:00 Departure:07:30 - Arrival: around 12:30

By train

Railway options are pretty good as Doboj is railway junction of BiH. From European countries, direct lines from Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Nis are bus and railway lines, as follows:

Train Zagreb – Doboj Departure: 8:57 Arrival: 14:55 Price (one-way): about 27 Euro.

Train Belgrade – Doboj Departure: 15:30 Arrival: 22:30 Price (one-way): about 11 Euro.

Train Budapest – Doboj Departure: 17:45 Arrival: 02:27 Price (one-way): about 35 Euro.

Train Sarajevo – Doboj Departure: 10:41 Arrival: 13:34 Departure: 20:32 Arrival: 23:25 Price (one-way): about 7 Euro.

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By car

Doboj is touristic crossroad of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Magistral road M17. Welcome

Get around

Getting around Doboj isn't a big problem, since it's a small city. There are local buses that have routes in Doboj and small towns in the municipality. Taxis can be seen around Doboj occasionally.


14th Century Doboj Fortress, reconstructed in 2006, with a wooden stage added during reconstruction



For some tourists that visit Doboj shopping might not be cheap compared to where they come from.

Currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is called Konvertibile or Bosnian Mark (KM/BAM). 1 Euro=1.95KM. Money can be exchanged in exchange offices or banks, or picked up on one of numerous cash mashines placed all over the town. Also all products and services in BiH can be paid in Euros.

To give you an idea about prices of things, here are prices of several products: a bottle of water 1-2 KM, a juice in a coffee shop 1,5-2,5KM, sandwich 1-1,5 KM, coffee (in a coffee shop) 1 KM, phone card for a phone booth (for local and international calls) is between 5 and 10 KM.

Buy souvenirs from Doboj Fortress, bottle of domestic Rakia Medovaca (domestic brandy), bottle of Sljivovica, ...


Cevapcici- National brand. Pljeskavica, burek, raznjici, pizza, burek, cicvara, proja.


Rakija Medovacha -domestic honey brandy, Rakija Sljivovica-Domestic brandy and domestic beer.Also you can taste Drenjak juice-domestic product. You can taste it in Coffee shop on Doboj Fortress.


Doboj has a few hotels.

Go next

By bus or by train (to Sarajevo, Zagreb, Budapest, Novi Sad, Dubrovnik...).

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