Baratang, Diglipur

Diglipur is a town on North Andaman in the Andaman Islands of India.


A friendly, dusty little town on North Andaman. The main attractions do not lie within the town itself, but this is where buses arrive and depart from. Tourist accommodation is located in the nearby village of Kalipur.

Get in

By road

Buses run daily between Diglipur and Port Blair (10 hours), Rangat (4 hours) and Mayabunder (2.5 hours).

Buses leave from the centre of town opposite the police stand. There's a ticket booking office here from which you can book tickets on the public express bus back to Port Blair or other southern destinations. Other destinations in North and Middle Andaman (for instance, Rangat) you buy tickets on the bus. Deluxe buses can be booked at a shop opposite the bus stand.

By ferry

Ferries come from Port Blair a few times per week and take around 10 hours. You can book ferry tickets at the administration block. It's by the Dolphin roundabout, and the ferry ticket windows are on the outside of the left hand side of the building. Ferries leave from Aerial Bay jetty, a ₹10 shared jeep or bus journey outside of town - about 1/2 hour.

Get around

It's 30 minutes by bus from Diglipur to the Aerial Bay jetty (where ferries dock) and then another 30 minutes to Kalipur, where the "best" accommodation is called Pristine Beach Resort. You can go by sea plane also from Port Blair to Diglipur. There are daily flights from Port Blair to Diglipur and Diglipur to Port Blair.


You can buy your ₹250 permit from the forestry department office at the trailhead which is open from 6am to 2pm - there's no need to buy it in advance.

You can get a guide from Pristine Beach Resort (₹100) or go by yourself. To get there follow the road through Kalipur as it turns into a track, then a small path. At the very end of the path (about 1/2 hour) you will find the forestry department hut where you should buy your permit. After that, follow the trees with the red0and-yellow painted bands. The path follows the beach, so if you lose it just go down to the beach and you'll soon see then again. To cross the streams you can either wade or go down onto the beach where the outflow will be leapable. When the beach curves round to the left look for the sign on your right and then follow the red bands painted on the trees. It's difficult to get lost - there's only one path.


Tasty food in Pristine Beach Resort in Kalipur (see "Sleep" below). In Diglipur there's the usual Indian fare.


There are a few friendly bars in Diglipur and in Kalipur. One of them is Pristine Beach Resort (see "Sleep" below).


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