Dieppe, is a town in Normandy on the north coast of France, approximately opposite Brighton on the English coast.

Dieppe has a long and interesting history, having been an important port linking William the Conquerer's English kingdom with his Normandy Dukedom in the 11th century, later an important port for smuggling, and having endured centuries of conflict right up until 1944. Today, it's an important ferry and fishing port, and a pleasant seaside resort.


Dieppe is the nearest beach to Paris, lively all year round. It is also well-known for sea food.

Dieppe is well-known for a raid on the area during World War II, on the 19th of August 1942, by a predominantly Canadian force. Casualties were heavy and some consider the attack a disaster for the Allies, but others argue that it provided intelligence that was essential in planning the D-Day invasion. Later in the war, as the Allies drove east after D-Day, Canadian troops had the left flank and liberated Dieppe. You will rarely find a French flag flying in Dieppe without a Canadian flag alongside it.

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The Transmanche Ferry from Newhaven, England carries cars and foot passengers across the English Channel (la manche in French) in about 4 hours for 25 pounds each way (on foot). The ferry has a bar, shop, really nice restaurant, and lounge deck. There are trains to Dieppe from Rouen (40min- 10 Euros) or Paris (2h- 22 Euros). The town also has a small aerodrome, situated in Saint-Aubin (2 miles away).

Get around

Dieppe is a small town with a population of about 35,000 (54,000 for the metropolitan area called Dieppe Maritime). Most of the tourist destinations are within walking distance of hotels, but you can hire bicycles for a few Euros per day from opposite the tourist information office in the harbour area.



The Saturday morning market is a must-see. It is one of the largest and one of the most popular markets in Normandy. From 8am to 12:30pm you can find almost everything there.


For French grocery products, try chez Olivier, in the rue Saint-Jacques. A lot of good cheese, wine and coffee can be found there.


There are plenty of traditional French restaurants, especially seafood restaurants, around the quayside area. Most of them are located on the street, Henry IV. Comptoir à Huîtres, La Marmite Dieppoise, Le Grand Duquesne, Le Bistrot du Pollet, Le Havre and Les Voiles d'Or are all very good restaurants. They can all be found in the town center except for Les Voiles d'Or, situated just opposite the Bonsecours chapel.


You won't find a veggie restaurant in Dieppe—they're rare in France. In fact, vegetarians will have a hard time in most restaurants here. Two good options are the excellent Turkish Ankara restaurant (rue de la Rade, near the harbour entrance), and the Indian Bombay Restaurant (15 Areades de la Poissonerie).


The café des Tribunaux, situated in the heart of the city, is the oldest and the most popular café in town. It often gets crowded at weekends but has a very nice atmosphere to it. For a town of its size, Dieppe has quite a few bars and pubs, and most of them stay open late (2am weekdays/4am weekends). For good cocktails, try the Epsom and the Europe on the seafront, the Cactus and the Pirate on the Quai Henry IV or the Cambridge pub in the town center. For a very French ambiance, you can try La Potinière, l'Entracte or le Mieux Ici Qu'en Face, three rather cheap and very popular small cafés. Music venues inclued the Manhattan (rue Duquesne), the Madison (rue Saint-Rémy), the Movabé (île du Pollet) and the Abordage, in the Casino.

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