Detian (德天; Détiān) is a city in Central Guangxi, China.


Detian and neighboring Shuolong are both villages through which one must pass to get to the Detian Waterfall (pronounced deh-tyan poo-boo).

Get in

During high season there is at least one bus that goes straight from Nanning to Detian. 8:30AM from Langdong bus terminal on Minzu Dadao, ¥50.

During low season there are buses going from Nanning to Daxin on a semi-regular basis. In Daxin there is a single bus from the bus station that goes to Detian at around 11:20AM, though again, only during high season. During low season inquire at your hotel how to get to the waterfall. If you can manage to tell them that there is no bus from the bus station they will direct you to where 12-person vans regularly depart for Xialei (¥12). If you tell them that you are going to Detian they will drop you off in Shuolong. From here you can easily find a smaller 6-person van that will take you the rest of the day (¥3 though they may try to convince you to pay more if they are having trouble finding additional passengers).

Get around

Because the area around the waterfall is so small, you'll easily see the ticket office opposite the base of an uphill road that will take you to the main gate to the Detian Waterfall.




Most of the souvenirs on sale will be available in any Chinese tourist spot. The exception may be the selection of perfumes, (although several tour guides advice to do not buy take perfumes as they could have undesired effects on the skin. The price of the perfumes can be bargained until ¥20 for two perfumes).


The Detian Scenic Area has a restaurant but travelers are advised to simply pack a lunch.


Detian has a few hotels for visitors that advertise themselves as three-star including the Suo Long Hotel, Mountain Retreat, and the Detian Hotel.

Go next

Catch a small van back to Shuolong and from there find a larger van back to Daxin. Apparently it becomes more difficult to find a ride back to Daxin the later in the day it becomes.

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