Demir Kapija

Demir Kapija is a town located in the Povardarie region of the Republic of Macedonia.

Get in

There are 8 trains per day, 4 are local, and 4 are international Half are northbound, the other half, southbound. Demir Kapija is on the Skopje-Thessaloniki line, roughly between the two locations. There are also buses and van services from the near-by town of Negotino. Buses infrequently stop in the city. Taxi service is inexpensive in Macedonia and another option to go where you need to quickly. The local car dealership Volkwagon Start may rent cars.

Get around

Demir Kapija is small enough to walk around on foot and has the hospitality of a village. There are no exchange offices here, however. There is a gas station on the highway that sometimes deals in Euros if you want to exchange small bills. There is an ATM along the main street for withdrawals of local currency.




There are several sandwich restaurants along the main streets.


The local drink is a grape brandy called Rakija. Homemade wine is available from most restaurants.

One night club are available. Parsifal is in the center.


The restaurant Lovec in the center offers a few beds and private rooms at 250 MKD a night, which is about €6. The wineries offer hotel services from €30. There is a mountain hut for alpinists who train on the rocks. Beds are 150MKD a night or €3, shared rooms and bathrooms. Please contact the municipality office for the key.

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