Delaware River Region

The Delaware River Region is an area in southwestern New Jersey.




The Delaware River region is the part of the state that is under the heaviest sphere of influence of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. This means that this is a region that serves as a bedroom community for those who work in Philadelphia and hence commute there. Moreover locals in this part of the state get their local television and radio from Philadelphia, as well as root for major sports teams based there.

The Mercer county area, which contains the state capital Trenton however is mixed between New York and Philadelphia media which means that locals get television and radio from both markets and it's also common to see sports fans from both areas converge side-by-side in this county.

Get around

Just as in other areas of the state, New Jersey Transit provides commuter rail and bus service within the region.

Stay safe

If traveling to Camden, stay close to the Rutgers-Camden and Riverfront areas, especially at night. Many parts of Camden have very high crime rates and are not safe for independent sightseeing.

Despite southern Jersey being far from New York City, traffic is still very congested - especially on major roads like 42 and 295 - and cars do speed well above the limit in the left lanes. Take extra caution driving. Stick to the right lanes on major highways if you feel uncomfortable.

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