Dehua County (德化县; Dé​huà​xiàn​) is a region in Quanzhou prefecture. The name "Dehua" can refer either to the county as a whole or to the market town which is its center.

There is a local government website, but as of Sept 2013, it is entirely in Chinese.


Ming Dynasty figure of a qilin

The area has excellent clay and a long tradition of porcelain manufacture. It ranks with Jingdezhen in neighbouring Jiangxi province as one of China's oldest and best-known centers of the industry.

The local specialty is white pottery, primarily ornamental; the main items are vases and figurines. This has been exported for centuries, mainly to Europe where it is known as blanc de chine (French for 'white of China'). Today, it is a popular item in tourist shops anywhere in China, but particularly in Dehua itself and in nearby Quanzhou.

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