Deeg is a town in Bharatpur district in the state of Rajasthan in India famous for its palaces built by jat rulers of Bharatpur. It was the capital of them.

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Jal Mahal Deeg or Deeg Palace

Bus's frequently run from Alwar (₹36, 2 1/2 hours) and Bharatpur ( ₹19, one hour). One can also reach Deeg by Train from Mathura (₹8, one hour) or from Alwar (₹17, 2 and half hour).

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One can visit the town 'KAMAN' known for Vimal Kund and Cheel Mahal by half an hour bus travel (₹10)


Deeg Fort


Now a days Deeg is famous for the three-day fair held in the month of September, when the forts of Deeg are brought to liveliness. Deeg has various kinds of palaces, the most famous among them is "Sawan-Bhadon". The palace has a hollow ceiling with rolling iron spheres in it; when water is made to flow into the ceiling, these spheres collide with each other and produce a sound like raining clouds.


Do not forget to try traditional fast foods like - Kachori and Aaloo Bhalla.


Deeg is small and there are only a couple of places to stay, neither very exciting. Most visitors to Deeg stay at Bharatpur or Agra.

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Bus's frequently run to Alwar (₹30, 2 1/2 hours) and Bharatpur ( ₹15, one hour, half hourly). There is one direct bus to Agra (₹50)

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