Dealing with emergencies

Sooner or later, some travelers will encounter an emergency while abroad. Dealing with a serious injury, illness, an assault, or even just running out of funds is never a pleasant situation. However, a little preparation beforehand can help you better prepare and cope with the situations life throws at you.


European Health Insurance Card

Medical emergencies

Assaults and robberies

See also: Stay safe

Report the crime to the police, even if you don't think they will do anything, as you will need the police report for any insurance claims. In third world countries where you are unsure of the reliability of local police, report the situation first to your embassy or consulate, which may be able to assist you to notify the police and assist if you need help notifying your family.

In an extreme emergency, most countries have services such as a battered women's shelter, homeless shelters, and the like. Using such services is not ordinarily recommended (as they are geared towards local residents) but if your only other option is to sleep on the streets, make inquiries as they are better than nothing.

Travelers Aid

In the United States, Canada and Australia, the Travelers Aid organization lends a helping hand to travelers in need of any type of assistance. Staffed by volunteers in counters at many airports, they can answer routine queries (such as what is the cheapest way to get from the airport to downtown) but can also provide referrals to other social service organizations or emergency services in serious crises such as destitution, homelessness, or human trafficking.

What your embassy can do

See also: Diplomatic missions

The quick answer is much less than you'd expectin particular, they will never pay a single cent of any costs caused by the emergencybut their assistance can still be valuable. These services can also be provided by consulates and associated countries (eg. Commonwealth embassies for Commonwealth citizens, EU embassies for EU citizens).

Embassies usually cannot assist you in legal matters if you hold citizenship of the country you are currently in even if you are a citizen of the embassy's country too.

Emergency Money

See also: Money

Assuming someone is willing to send you money, there are several ways you can get money in a pinch.

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