Yungang Caves

Datong is a city in Shanxi Province, China.


Datong is a small city with less experience with foreigners. People here are friendly and curious. For simple entertainment, stop at a chuanr (meat on a stick) stand near Red Flag square, or Red Flag square itself and chat up the locals.

Get in

By plane

The airport is 18km outside the city. There is a free shuttle bus from several hotels in town. It costs 15 yuan per person and stops at the Datong Jiudian. You can take the bus back to the airport from there until 5:30pm.

By bus

By train

Booking tickets at the Datong train station can be difficult as for popular directions a large part of the tickets are hatched by black market sellers when they become available four days before the train runs. Book tickets from Datong as early as possible.

Get around

By Bus

Buses within Datong are ¥1. Trips to the Yungang Caves are ¥1.5.

By taxi




刀削面 (dāoxiāomiàn - knife-cut noodles) are a Shanxi specialty that you can find in restaurants.






Go next

Xīnnán bus station (新南客运站 Xīnnán Kèyùnzhàn) is the last stop on Datong local bus 30 that departs from Datong train station. 45+ minutes depending on traffic.

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