Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve is in Jordan.


Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Jordan, covering over 300 square kilometers and all four different bio-geographical zones of the Kingdom. In the east, elevations reach 1500 meters before descending through canyons and gorges to the low elevations of Wadi Araba.

The village of Dana lies on the eastern edge of the reserve. It is perched spectacularly on a cliff overlooking the reserve. The village is partly in ruin and is being rebuild in part with USAID funds. There are several small hotels in town and a few options inside the reserve.


Built in Ottoman times, the village has been abandoned until relatively recently.


Each of the hotels offer meals and you can visit other hotels. There is also the Feynan restaurant offering similar fare.


The supply of tea is unlimited, and you do not need to go looking for it, as it will be offered frequently by anyone you're doing business with.


In the village


In the Reserve

Stay safe

Care should be taken on walks. Ask the locals for advice.

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