Daanbantayan is near the northern tip of Cebu Island in the Philippines



The main language spoken in Daanbantayan is Cebuano, which is also known as Bisaya. Many speak English as a second language as well as Tagalog. Sometimes, they also speak in Taglish (Tagalog + English) when they cannot find the appropriate word to use. The youth and the modern generation speak English with a Cebuano accent, often interchanging i and e as well as o and u while the ones from the older generations can barely converse in it.

Get in

By bus

Ceres Liner, D'Rough Riders and Cebu Autobus are among the bus companies with regular trips to and from Daanbantayan (via North Bus Terminal). If you want to go to Malapascua Island, ride the bus that goes to Maya. As of June 2012, bus fare ranges from PHP 150-165 (for non-aircon buses) and PHP 160-180 (for airconditioned buses). Students and senior citizens may have a discount as long as they present their valid ID's to the conductor.

By V-hire

V-hire, shortened term for Van for hire, is also available in the North Bus Terminal. Fare ranges from PHP 160-190.

By boat

There is a daily boat trip from San Isidro, Leyte going to Maya, Daanbantayan every 8AM. As of June 2012, boat fare is PHP 200.

Get around

By Jeepney

Do as the locals do and catch a colorful jeepney. Jeepneys in Daanbantayan only various routes. There are those that ply from Maya to Daanbantayan Public Terminal and vice versa. There are also jeepneys that go to Bogo City from Daanbantayan Public Market. Fare ranges from PHP 7-25.

By Tricycle

Tricycles are the most famous means of transportation here in Daanbantayan. Simply ask the driver if the tricycle goes to your preferred destination. Fare ranges from PHP 7-10.

By Habal-Habal

Motorcycles, which are locally known as Habal-Habal, is also very common in Daanbantayan. Simply ask the driver in which place to go as most drivers know the places within Daanbantayan. Negotiate for a fare before riding. Fare ranges from PHP 10-50.



Prince Hypermart is the largest store in Daanbantayan where you can buy various items at low prices. It was opened to the public in July 2014.


Daanbantayan offers a wide variety of accommodations to choose from.

There is the high-end Kandaya Resort in Agujo that will cost you around P 21,000 or $500 per night.

Malapascua Island also have lots of resorts.

Pension houses are available as well.

Stay Safe

Daanbantayan is a very safe town where violent crime is almost zero and pickpockets never exist. You can walk day and night with ease. If you are lost, the locals are very friendly and will gladly help you reach your destination. Just avoid groups of drunk men at night, as they might ask money from you.

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