Děčín is a city in North Bohemia. It lies on the river Elbe in beautiful and diverse landscape, surrounded by the Central Bohemian Uplands, Elbe Sandstone Mountains and Bohemian Switzerland National Park.


Decin Castle and Elbe.

Děčín is a nice city in the valley of the Elbe, close to the main railway connecting Saxony and Prague. Before World War II, most of the inhabitants were ethnic Germans. After the war most of the German population was driven out, fled or was resettled and the new communist government redesigned the city destroying many historic buildings and building panel blocks in the process. Because of that, these days there is more than one city center in Decin, which might be confusing. The main railway and bus station as well as the town hall are all located on the opposite bank of the Elbe than the castle and historical old town. With a population of 50,000 Decin is the 19th largest city in the country. The old German name for the town "Tetschen" most likely has the same root as the Czech name, which becomes obvious when you hear it pronounced in a Saxon accent.

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Děčín is on the main railway corridor connecting Prague with Germany. From Prague It takes 1h30min. by train to get there. By car it's not a big difference, around 1h25min. There is no direct bus connection and it takes 3h with several changes of bus. From Dresden you can take the direct Eurocity which takes 46 minutes for the very picturesque ride through the Elbe valley and Saxon Switzerland.

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Decin is served by 17 bus lines. It is also possible and reasonable to use train, there is 15 train station within whole Decin.


Synagogue in Decin





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Elbe valley in Bohemian Switzerland.
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