Dedougou is a city in Burkina Faso.


Mostly Jula speakers, but like most places here you can find most major ethnic groups and languages represented.

Get in


Check out the giant “Golden Chicken Nugget” a.k.a Place de la Femme.



Daily marche. The selection is exactly like any other marche in Burkina. Whole lotta nothing and dried fish. See map for location.


Again like most larger villes in Burkina, Dedougou has many boutiques. One however offers many things you can rarely find outside of Ouaga. They carry a good assortment of canned vegetables, liquors, and juices. They even have canned mushrooms and bean sprouts for stir-fry. I have labeled this boutique on the map. It’s a very nondescript building, but I found it on accident my first time in Dedougou.


Prestige: By far the best restaurant in the region. They offer everything from grilled and sautéed chicken, french fries, salads, omelettes… you name it they can probably make it. Prices are cheap with chicken being the most expensive item, about 1500 cfa.

There are numerous other “restaurants” around town, but I’ll leave these for the adventuresome to discover.

Street food and snacks

You can order cheese by going to the above-mentioned boutique and requesting cheese. It is made at a nearby Catholic mission and can be delivered the following day. The prices vary, but I believe it is around 5000 cfa per kilo. I know they make Camembert and at least one other kind.

The best street food in Dedougou is made by Jillene’s tante. I marked her on the map. The street running from the gare to the marche is full of people selling the usual Burkinabe street food.


There are many drinking bars in Dedougou, and there is even one “really” cool dance club. I have labeled a few of my favorites on the map.



Post Office

Normal post, normal times. See map for location. (?)


There is one reliable internet café in Dedougou, although many other buildings have signs touting the service. The price now I believe is 1500 cfa an hour, which is not bad if you go when no one else is using because all of the bandwidth belongs to you and it’s relatively fast. I would not recommend trying to use it if many others are there. You can use the computers for free for typing, but make sure they know you do not want to use the internet, or they may try and charge you.

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