Cuenca (Spain)

See Cuenca (Ecuador) for another city named Cuenca.

Cuenca is a town in the Castile-La Mancha region of Spain. It's walled town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Cuenca is situated between Madrid and Valencia, in the third least populated region in Europe, and the town itself is a world heritage site - the old town is an outstanding example of a medieval city, built on the steep sides of a mountain. The many casas colgadas ("hanging houses") are built right up to the cliff edge, making Cuenca one of the most striking towns in Spain, a gem in the province of Castilla La Mancha.

Get in

Cuenca lies on the secondary rail route from Madrid to Valencia with at least four trains each way daily. The journey takes around 2½ hours from Madrid and 3½ from Valencia. The trains have poor quality, it would be better travel on road (1h 30m from Madrid), although starting 2010-2011, Cuenca will have high speed trains (45m from Madrid). It's a popular weekend destination, for lovers, artists and romantic people, so hotels are often less crowded during the week.

There is a coach station called Cuenca bus station in the centre of Cuenca that travels to nearby cities. Travel time to Madrid is approximately 2 hours and it is about the same travel time to Valencia, costing around €12.

By car

Distances to/from Cuenca: Madrid 165 km, Albacete 145 km, Toledo 185 km, Valencia 210 km

Get around

Its best to go by car, but if you don't mind walking there is much that can been seen and done in the center of town.


Hanging house in Cuenca, Spain from the 15th Century
A bridge in Cuenca Spain that was Designed by Eiffel, the same person who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


See the hanging houses by the tourist train that leaves from the Cuenca tourist office on the hour every half an hour. If you have a car you can drive to some beautiful waterfalls in another part of Cuenca.


Because of the museum and because the town is a popular place for visitors from Madrid, Cuenca has a fine collection of small art galleries. You can collect Cuenca souvenirs in the tourist center near town.


Most of the best restaurants are down below in the newer part of town, which is far less picturesque.

Alaju, Morteruelo, Ajo Arriero, Zarajos are the most typical foods


There are some lovely outdoor pubs in the old city of Cuenca. And a more trendy street in the center of town, filled with 10 to 15 clubs. There is also a massive square near this street where people hang out drinking alcohol with friends. High alcohol content liqueur named Resoli Resoli is a coffee anise and orange flavoured liqueur, 15 years after I first tried it I am still enchanted, it is worth taking a bottle home.


There is a hotel in the centre of town, its sign H O T E L can be seen from far around Cuenca in all directions. If in doubt ask at the tourist office.

There are some cheap hostels in town.

Both are near the town center.

In old town go to Parador

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