Beijing/Western and Southern Suburbs

Western and Southern Suburbs is in Beijing and consists of the administrative districts Mentougou District (门头沟区; Méntóugōuqū), Fangshan District (房山区; Fángshānqū) and Daxing District (大兴区; Dàxīngqū).

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View over Baiyu

Public transport service from central Beiing to Mentougou is mainly based on buses, many of them starting from Pingguoyuan (western final stop of subway line 1). Buses 336 and 931 run from Pingguoyuan (苹果园 píngguǒyuán) to Hetan (河滩 hétān) in Mentougou District. From there bus lines to most places of interest in the area can be taken. However, for trips from Beijing city, renting a taxi for a day might be easier and less time intensive. A Suburban Railway Line to Mentougou is in planning.


There are five railway stations in Daxing District. Huangcun (荒村 huāngcūn) railway station is served by several trains from Beijing, the fastest being no. 4487 from Beijing West Railway station, taking 21 minutes. Trains from Beijing Railway station take approx. 30 minutes (no. 4401, 4405, 4419, 6451). Access to Daxing District will be more convenient once the planned southern extension of subway line 4 will be finished (scheduled for end of 2010). This new line will connect the Northern 5th Ring Road with the Southern 6th Ring Road, running straight through Beijings city center Xidan.


Yucaotang Inn: A renovated traditional court yard home in Baiyu


View of Cuandixia

In the summer months the climate is nicer than in Beijing because of the cooler mountain air. In the winter it could be cold, but the beds are heated, so it is still possible to go. Do at least an overnight trip or you will spend most of your time in the bus and not have time to enjoy the peace in the beautiful village. You can easily spend one day in the village walking around on the mountain paths. Day 2 can be spend on visiting the nearby village Baiyu, and seeing the sights around Cuandixia. Day 3 can be spend on visiting more ancient villages and scenic spots a little further away. You can also jump from one village to the next and stay one night in each. Almost every home has a restaurant and the quality is generally good and prices low. In summer 2009 a meal for two with 3-5 dishes was ¥20-40.Almost every home in the village is a guesthouse, so it is no problem finding a place to sleep. Prices are ¥30-50 for a room for 2 people. It costs ¥30 for tourists to enter the Cuandixia area.


The Peking Man site
  • Cloud and Water Cave (云水洞 yúnshuǐdòng). Beautiful 613 meters long carst cave, featuring the highest (37 meters) stalagmite in China. ¥40.
  • Tianzhu Peak (天柱峰 tiān​zhùfēng).
  • Yunju Temple (云居寺 yúnjūsì).



A not yet renovated court yard in Baiyu


Homemade noodles in a guesthouse in Baiyu


A view in Baiyu




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