Cripple Creek

Cripple Creek is a small town in Colorado. It is a town steeped in gold mining history, still very much in evidence from the old mine ruins dotted about everywhere. In fact, it promotes itself as "the world's greatest gold camp". In addition, the town is now a major casino destination, as 57% of the residents of Colorado voted to permit this town to have casinos ("controlled gambling") in order to breathe back life into it after it declined in tourism value from the 80's. Today it is a bustling, lively and exciting town that begs exploration of its turn-of-the-20th-century buildings which have been immaculately maintained and makes for brilliant photo opportunities. Watch out though - burros (wild donkeys) roam the streets at large, with the blessing of the townsfolk (except, of course, when the burros are munching up a local garden).

A good time to visit is summer, as the weather is going to be lovely but also expect a high ratio of tourists. The town, however, offers plenty to see and do at any time of year.

Get in

The best way to reach Cripple Creek is via your own car or motorcycle. There are, however, bus alternatives. The drive from Colorado Springs to Woodland Park and then on through to Cripple Creek is windy but probably offers the easiest entry point. It is bitumen all the way.

Get around

Parking can be a bit of an issue, as many areas are 20 minutes or 2 hours only. Casino car parking is strictly regulated and fines and tow-aways occur for illegitimate parking. Look for one of the public parking lots or move your car around. However, the town is so small, that as long as you find a good park, walking is not going to be a major issue and is the best way to get around.



You could easily spend an activity-packed weekend at Cripple Creek and still wish for more time to do the activities.



There are many places to eat standard fare. There are approximately 12 fine dining restaurants.


There are many bars in the casinos, or you can visit hometown cafés.


Options include staying in the casino lodgings where relevant, in bed and breakfasts and in hotels.


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