Cres is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea.


From north to south:


The island of Cres is the biggest island in the Adriatic and is located in the northern part of the Gulf of Kvarner. Its southern part is connected to the island of Lošinj by a trestle bridge.

Cres is a hilly island, 66 km long and ranging in width from 2 to 12 km. The island's coastline, 248 km long, is indented; its western and southern parts have a plenty of bays and pebbly beaches while the northern and eastern parts are characterized by steep and rough rocks.

The fresh water lake of Vrana deserves attention as an unusual natural phenomenon. It is one of the deepest fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe, going down 76 meters at its deepest point (below sea-level!). It supplies drinking water for the populations of Cres and Lošinj islands. Therefore, it is very highly guarded and illegal to swim and fish in.



Get in

Cres can be reached by Jadrolinija's car ferry from the island of Krk (Valbiska-Merag route) or from the Istrian peninsula (Brestova-Porozina route).

For the sake of orientation, here are some rough distances for those who prefer coming by car:

Braislava - 520 km, Budapest - 530 km, Ljubljana - 165 km, Milano - 520 km, Munich - 560 km, Prague - 860 km, Vienna - 555 km, Zagreb - 185 km

Losinj island, which is road-connected to Cres island at Osor town, has an airport.

Get around

The island is really hilly which means the roads are curvy and sometimes as narrow as one path. If driving, be prepared for slow traffic and careful maneuvers on the serpentines.

A massive work effort is taking place on the main road, it is being widened and is being brought further away from the cliffs, the road is also cutting out dangerous turns and other threats to drivers. It is also keeping trucks and cars away from Lake Vrana, to keep it clean.




Seafood, lamb, olive oil, cherries.


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