Corner Brook

Corner Brook is the largest city in Western Newfoundland. It offers many urban amenities and is a great launching point for exploring Western Newfoundland. The city's excellent port is also an attraction for visiting cruise ships, such as the Queen Mary II.


The Corner Brook area has been home to settlement for over a century and a half, but it has a fishery history going further back. Officially surveyed by Captain Cook in 1767 before he went on to survey Australia and New Zealand, the Corner Brook area became a highly developed centre for pulp & paper with one of the largest operations in the world. The city of Corner Brook itself came into existence in the year 1956 with the amalgamation of four area communities, each still reflected in the areas of Humbermouth, Curling, Westside, and Townsite. In many ways, the city's vibe is best described by former Mayor Charles Pender: "As a regional centre, we have the small town atmosphere with a big city infrastructure where people can live in peace and security and raise a family."

Get in

By boat

Marine Atlantic ferry service runs from North Sydney to Port aux Basques (on the west coast of the island) throughout the year, and to Argentia (about 90km from St. John's) during the summer. The duration of the ride depends on the weather and water conditions, so patience is of the essence. It is advisable to call Marine Atlantic ahead of time to make a reservation (call 1-800-341-7981). If you are bringing a U-haul or something other than a passenger vehicle, you will likely be considered a Commercial Vehicle. Commercial Vehicles can only make reservations by doubling the usual fare. It is cheaper to simply take your number, wait in line and hope for the best.

In general, Marine Atlantic Ferries cater to your every whim, carrying food, alcohol, gift shops, cinemas and sleeping accommodations. There will be lots for you to do.

By car

The city is located on the Trans-Canada Highway 1. It is over 200 km north of Port aux Basques -- the city begins around exit 4 (yes, that's right, only the fourth exit in 200 km! (Newfoundland numbers their exits instead of giving them numbers based on their distance from the highway's starting point)) -- and nearly 700 km west of St. John's. From St. John's, stay on Highway 1 and you'll find the city approximately 50 km south of Deer Lake.

Driving from Stephenville, take 460 East for 40 km to the Trans-Canada, then head north on Highway 1 for 50 km to Corner Brook.

By plane

You can take a flight to Deer Lake Regional Airport from mainland Canada, usually via Halifax or Toronto. This is the easiest way to access Corner Brook. However, you will still need to take either a bus, taxi or rental car from Deer Lake to Corner Brook. The bus fare between Deer Lake and Corner Brook is around $18, which is much cheaper than the taxi fare.

Thomas Bus Co. Ltd offers transportation to and from the Deer Lake airport. This is an extremely convenient way to get in and out of Corner Brook once you've hit the tarmac in Deer Lake. They're located in Deer Lake and you can reach them at 1-709-635-3056.

By bus

For other options for bus lines running on the island, see the comprehensive list in this page's Get out section. Many of these bus lines are likely ways of entering Corner Brook as well.

Get around

Like any city or town, locals will speak of areas not listed on maps. In Corner Brook, they are: Humbermouth, Curling, Westside, and Townsite. These are the communities that were brought together to form Corner Brook, and locals still refer to these areas by name. Be sure to ask people to clarify where these places are when receiving directions.

By bus

Corner Brook Transit is operated by Murphy Brothers Limited. You can get bus schedule info by calling 709-639-7BUS (7287) for recorded information or 709-634-3345 for charter information. The buses have six routes that operate from 7AM to 10AM, and 3PM to 7PM, on a half hour cycle for routes 1 through 4, and from 10AM to 3PM on an hour cycle for routes 5 and 6. During the months of June, July, and August, the buses run only on the hourly cycle of routes 5 and 6. Regular Fare is $2.50 Adult, $1.25 Child (under age of 12). Ride Cards and Monthly Passes are available, with discounts for students and seniors. A ride card for 5 trips is available at numerous locations for only $10. The main transfer terminal is at Remembrance Square in Downtown Corner Brook.

On foot

Corner Brook is a city on many large hills. What looks easy on a map will in fact feel like a true journey if you are not physically fit and mentally prepared for the landscape. Everything will be relative. Walking around the area is the best way to truly take in the surroundings, but it is not always advisable year-round. That said....

Corner Brook is home to a few walking trails exclusively provided for the use of pedestrians. These trails take you around the Glynmill Inn Pond and connect with Margaret Bowater Park. The trails also provide a nice walk to City Hall, the Sir Richard Squires Building and the downtown, not to mention the beautiful gorge. Going through the Western Newfoundland Model Forest, much of the land has been provided for pedestrian usage by Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd.

By car

If you want some convenience and don't want to constantly feel that you are on the Corner Brook One-Step Physical Fitness Walking Program, a car is a handy way to get around town. While the town looks small on a map, the hills complicate things quite a bit. In the winter, be sure to have Snow Tires. There is no such thing as All-Season Tires in Corner Brook. They will not get you very far.

A car will also help you reach the nearby sites just outside of Corner Brook, like Marble Mountain or Gros Morne National Park.

By taxi

There are many taxi services in Corner Brook to choose from. Expect to pay a fare of roughly $15 from one side of town to another. Because there is no public transit running on weekends, a cab may be your only option outside of walking.

Popular taxi companies operating in Corner Brook are:




There are many Newfoundland-specific shops in Corner Brook, as there are all over the island, but a good concentration of them are on Broadway. You'll be able to find provincial flags, Dominion of Newfoundland flags (from the era when the Island was a separate country), traditional and contemporary music, books and art. Currently, cheeky Newfoundland separatist t-shirts are popular. They usually read: "Free NFLD", or "Newfoundland Liberation Army". You'll also be able to pick up t-shirts and the usual items of the Tourist variety at these shops.

If you're looking for non-Newfoundland shops, there are two downtowns (relics of the pre-amalgamation communities) centred around Broadway in the west part of Central Corner Brook, and West Street in east Central Corner Brook. These areas have the charm of small communities and give the visitor a more accurate feel for the Newfoundland culture.

As for the fare of generic malls, you can find those inside Corner Brook and on the outskirts of the city. Inside, there's the Valley Mall and Millbrook Mall, nestled right next to each other in the centre of the city where Main Street becomes Herald. On the outskirts, there's Murphy's Square, a collection of big box retailers, and Corner Brook Plaza, a typical city mall with a second floor in the works.


Firstly, expect lots of opportunities to eat seafood. Secondly, like Cape Breton, Newfoundland offers plenty of Donairs. In Corner Brook, you'll find them at nearly every pizza joint in the city (for example, Greco at 93 West Street). You'll also have no trouble finding the usual fast food culprits in every conceivable nook and cranny.

If you're looking for grocery shopping to do your own cooking, you'll find a couple different options:



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By bus

A number of different bus lines offer service to areas outside of Corner Brook:

By car

Newfoundland is most easily accessible by car. Some scenic drives in the immediate area to visit:

Routes through Corner Brook

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