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View of Acrocorinth, the acropolis of Ancient Corinth, as seen from the excavation area near the temple of Apollo

Corinth or Korinth (Greek: Κόρινθος, Kórinthos) is one of the oldest towns of Peloponnese, a port and the capital of the homonym region.


It is important to know that there is new Corinth and the ancient one. If you go to "Corinth" that usually means you are going to the new one, i.e. all the archaeological sites are not there, but a little outside the city (5 km).

Corinth has a population of 37,000.

The area is known to have been inhabited at least since 6000 BC. Nevertheless, little in the town reflects its old glories, since it has been hit severely by earthquakes, destroying most of its old constructions.

Get in

Upon entrance through Patras it is a convenient stop on the way to Athens or as a stop to explore the history-rich area.

Corinth is very close and easily approachable from Athens through most transport means, buses, trains, cars. Hourly suburban trains (Proastiakos) connect directly the city with Athens International Airport. The   railway station is inconveniently located south of the city center.

There is an   intercity bus station near the sea and the "Aqua Park Water Fun", known as "KTEL Isthmou". It is a little hidden and probably hard to find at first, but just keep asking people for the bus stop.

If you are in old Corinth, first take a bus from there to the new Corinth and ask the bus driver how to get to Athens. If you are lucky, he will take you along to a bus station (which comes after the city center and most people will have left the bus by that time). At that bus station, you will easily find a bus to Athens.

Get around

If you want to go to the "old" Corinth ( with all the archaeological sites and ruins, you can first go to the new Corinth and then take a bus from there to the old one. For that, you should go to the center of new Corinth and then ask people where the bus stop is. The bus stop should be located around a café, and the bus leaves every hour, 5 minutes after the hour. The bus says "APXAIA" for the destination and it will take you to the old part. You can buy a ticket in the bus (1,80 €). It is a good idea to stay in the bus a little while it is going through the old Corinth, because it gives you a nice, cheap tour. You could for example get out at the ancient theater (just ask the bus driver).


Peirene Fountain
Temple of Apollo
Central panel from a tesselated floor of a Roman villa depicting Dionysos with fruit and ivy in his hair, second half 2nd Century AD, Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

Most of the interesting and historical stuff is in old Corinth:



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